Day Is Done, Gone the Sun, Soon to Rise Again

It has been a good day. Material has been covered and taught well – 4 powerful, information-packed sessions. But, more than that, there was a serious anointing on the morning and 2 afternoon sessions. No one slept – everyone was right in tune with what was being taught and what the Holy Spirit was doing. It was seriously powerful – seriously powerful. Life changing!

Topics were good – including needing to know the basic doctrines (sin-salvation-baptism in the Holy Spirit – gifts and callings) that apostles must lay in the lives of believers. We spoke of prophetic evangelism and the need to move in the power of God when born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit (prophets and five-fold evangelists). Each person (everyone in the School is either an apostle and prophet or apostles and prophets in training) learned a lot about their individual calling, gifts, and the way they think and function. Powerful time of self-discovery!

The day drew to a close with a meeting between my team and the pastors from a number of churches in Kazakhstan … a nation where we ministered a year ago this November. It was a good meeting with much discussed regarding the possibility of an upcoming visit. We talked about the progress in their churches since our last visit, the move of the Holy Spirit, the rising up of apostles and prophets as well as the next steps that need to be taken in the churches we influenced and in the lives of the men and women we were speaking to.

Then after returning to where we are staying some work on emails and planning with the team for tomorrow’s teachings… a few things to print so I could work on them early in the morning before everyone is up, and some work on enews items for Ralph Howe Ministries. Then some work on calendars and scheduling to look at the last remaining available months of 2010 (we are already booked to the end of October) and into 2011 … because we have two events already scheduled in 2011 and we have three or four other places asking for two to three weeks of ministry each. Not sure where they will all fit.

It is imperative that as I schedule I remember that I need preparation time; I need time to rest just a bit and regain physical, mental and spiritual strength before returning overseas; I need time to minister in North America; I need time to write the several books I am writing because prophetic words stated I was to write books; I need time off; I need time to study for my own personal growth and for future teaching opportunities … so many things need to be considered when booking events that cost a lot financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and take up a lot of time (preparation, travel and minisry). And, on top of all this there must be time to do fund raising, to do administrative tasks, write e-newsletters, on-line materials and work with those in 6 nations that I am mentoring weekly in person, by email and through Skype.

Much to be considered, a workable pace to figure out, a way to maintain a personal life in spite of ministry demands and needs. Ah! So much to learn and it is not as easy as it was when I was younger.

Tomorrow – Friday … we have 4 more sessions in the School where we will be talking about 1> Relating to authority, 2> What you can do and not do when in training, 3> The issues of the ministry of the apostles and prophets, and 4> What a prophetic word contains … On Saturday morning for our last session I will be closing the School with a teaching on the apostolic church model as compared to the current pastoral model of the church. Then we are done the School.

Saturday afternoon we have added a three hour session with the youth of this local church. Hopefully the evening is off. Then Sunday a three hour service, a meeting with the church pastors (an apostle and prophet), a large meeting with the leadership of the church and then time to sum things up and review with the team members before packing as we leave early on Monday morning for a 6 hour bus ride into Kiev to begin the long trip home to Canada.

Again, your prayers are greatly coveted.

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