Cooler Weather – Spiritually Hot

Sitting outside and it is early morning as I write this. Hot coffee, birds singing, sun just up, and a cool breeze slightly blowing. Another gorgeous day in Southern California. This is day three of my week long trip here to Revival Rains Church – an Armenian Church in America.

This is certainly a young church. Lots of young men and women as well as young couples. There are some seniors who were the originals in this local church – the faithful prayer people who helped build the foundation that this vibrant congregation is now built upon. I had the honor of visiting with one of those senior couples yesterday in their home.

Last night was another five hours of teaching, equipping, training, and prophetic ministry. It was young people’s night in the pastor’s home. They all speak English and so nothing needed to be interpreted. We can move so much faster when not having to work in two languages. I did pause occasionally to let the non-existent interpreter give the Armenian equivalent of my English. It was funny. Many of the young people “practiced prophesying.” and I was able to teach as I went and so they all received some tremendous insights into how to flow supernaturally and move in the prophetic anointing. Overall, a great night and a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Today, a breakfast appointment, some time to do some thinking and praying, a trip out to the ocean and a sea food working lunch, and tonight Pastor Loris will take me to Pastor John’s church (I met him and fellowshipped with him for many hours my first afternoon here) to work with him during their evening prayer meeting. Another 6+ hour night when all is said and done.

Please be praying for these churches that I am working with and all of the people that the Holy Spirit is touching. Each day unfolds as it goes alone with only one major event planned. Of course, the day is completely full with more demands for my time than there is time to give. Armenians are very spontaneous – I am not, by basic nature. So pray that I can remain flexible and “go with the flow.”

Picture: Last night’s meeting….

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