Content With The Ordinary – Part Two

The people who you surround yourself with – whom you let into your spirit and who, therefore, impact who you are – determine your future and whether you will fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life.

How can you identify the people you need to put out of your life for a season or altogether? Ask yourself some pointed questions:

1> Who in my life leads me to attitudes or actions outside of what God prescribes for me in His Word?

2> Who leaves me drained rather than empowered after a typical conversation?

3> Who keeps me thinking smaller rather than helping me dream bigger?

4> Who constantly asserts that what I am attempting to do for God will not work?

If there are people in your life who fit these descriptions, it might be time to limit their access to you. If that’s not possible, brainstorm some creative ways to limit their impact. You won’t be unloving to do it. Actually, nothing you can do is more loving for those around you than positioning yourself to be all that God has called you to be. To truly love people means to love God first and foremost.

Of course, it’s not just avoiding negative people that positions you for God’s best. On the more positive side, you need mentors who are already living in faithful obedience and who are willing to impart their stories and wisdom into your life. People who will walk with you into your future and be there for you when you need them and even when you don’t.

Never be content with the ordinary … and be care of the ordinary. It has a way of creeping back into your life in the everyday routine of daily life. And, it hits hard when you are surrounded by people who live in the ordinary and are not focused on God’s bst for them or for you.

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