Content With The Ordinary – Part Three

Besides negative people (see the last two blogs before this one), you will also face an army of distractions and competing ideas, values, interests, and events. Life’s daily demands exert a strong downward pull into the tyranny of the ordinary. Behind all this are a number of things – the devil (your adversary), your flesh, your love of comfort, your routines, your sheer laziness … just to mention a few.

There are a huge number of competing voices and forces in just the right combination to prevent the truth you have been receiving, the sense of God’s plan for you life, from settling in and becoming reality. many things will conspire to keep you in your routine, to keep you in front of the television, to keep you stuck in low-level pursuits and relationships.

The moment you step out of the ordinary and decide to do what God has designed you for and called you to do for Him – you are going to feel like a lone island of God-inspired greatness surrounded by a sea or normalcy and complacency. So, what do you do? When you feel that the world is against you, how will you keep moving forward into the great future God has planned for you?

The key is to see what God sees. Elisha is warning the rulers of Israel what the king of Aram is up to. He has declared war on the nation; Israel does not have any undercover spies in Aram’s camp. They have something greater – an aging prophet who through the power of God is able to tell the king of Israel every word the king of Aram whispers in his bedroom. Without a single wiretap. (2 Kings 6:10)

When the King of Aram learns that it is Elisha who keeps thwarting his schemes, he becomes enraged and sends soldiers to seize him. Good strategy. Take out Israel’s secret weapon, and they’re done. So under the cloak of night, an enemy force surrounds the city of Dothan, the city where Elisha is living.

Early the next morning one of Elisha’s attendants notices the Aramean chariots surrounding the city. Seized with fear, he runs to Elisha. “Oh, my lord,” the servant cries,”what shall we do?” (2 Kings 6:15)

When you step out to fulfill God’s call on your life guarding who has access to your spirit – you will find that there are times you will be surrounded by many things that are coming against God’s plans and your enthusiasm for His future for your life. Pursuing God’s purpose can be exhilarating. It can also be terrifying.

If you want to live surrounded by God’s miracles, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will always be surrounded by enemies. You’ll often be amazed at what God can do through you. Then again, you’ll experience plenty of moments that are more like 2 Kings 6:15. You will find yourself looking up to heaven, shaking your head in uncertainty, praying: “Oh, my Lord, what shall I do?”

The opposition can be overwhelming. But look at what Elisha tells his servant:(verse 16) “Don’t be afraid … Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

Is the old man delusional? The last time we checked, the entire cast of good guys in this situation consists of one old man and an errand boy. They are encircled by an overpowering force bent on killing them. Just as you may be feeling right now, by all accounts the odds are stacked against them. But right at this point point, Elisha prays: “O Lord, open his eyes that he may see.” (2 Kings 6:17)

Elisha doesn’t pray that God will send down fire as Elijah did on Mount Carmel. And he doesn’t pray that God will send a larger army to their rescue. He just prays that the servant will see what God already has in place.

In that moment God opens the servant’s eyes. He sees “the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha” (verse 17).

They are not alone. They never were. They never would be. Heaven’s army surrounds the enemy that surrounds them.

So, when you carefully guard your spirit and who has access to your heart; when you step out against all odds to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life; when you face obstacles and opposition – just remember, God knew all of this was going to happen and has prepared the solution to the problem before you even knew there would be a problem. Just look up and watch God’s hand do what only God can do.

Don’t let the fear of the future keep you in the ordinary. Let go and watch God. Pray for spiritual eyes that are open and can see what God is doing before He does it.

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