Consistency is doing well all the time, not just sometimes. We, as believers, should be consistent in the way we live life and the way in which we treat people. Our attitude and the our approach to life should be consistent. This means that the way we live life is determined by our beliefs and not based on our feelings, situation, or circumstances and, because of this, we live in a way that is stable. We can be counted on at all times.

Consistency is so valuable to the believer that it is difficult to list all the benefits. Here are a few:

1> Consistence establishes your reputation. 

Nearly anyone can be good once. Being good continually is difficult. However, continued repetition leads to a positive reputation.

2> Consistency makes others feel more confident and secure

Perhaps the greatest compliment a person can receive is. “I can depend on you.” A consistent believer or leader inspires others to become more confident, bold, and courageous.

3> Consistency allows for accurate measurement of your growth

It is difficult to gauge the progress of inconsistent people. The consistent track record we establish shows what we have done and how far we have come.

4> Consistency makes you relevant

People who bounce back and forth between engagement and disengagement always have to play catch-up. They are, because of this, no longer in touch with what is happening and thus, in many way, they are irrelevant. By staying consistently engaged, you don’t fall behind and people can count on you to be there for them.

5> Consistency models your expectations for others

When you consistently model your values and work ethic, others know what you expect of them because they see it every day. Consistency always reinforces expectations.

6> Consistency maintains your message

When a believer or leader communicates a vision and approach to life but acts in ways that are inconsistent with that vision the result is confusion. It distracts from the message you are communicating and makes it more difficult for everyone who relates to you and who believe in you. 

Consistency is lacking in the life of many Christians. It is something we need to ponder and then move forward, making changes so we can be more consistent and thus more impactful.