Connected and Belonging

Ever felt like you know a number of people in the local church but really don’t know a lot of people? You know what I mean – you know their names and a little about them but you really don’t KNOW them. The conversations you have with them are shallow and always really about nothing … weather, hockey, how the kids are, how the week went… We meet and greet people on a Sunday but we never really come to know them personally. We don’t see or know their heart, their hopes and dreams, their real life lived under the surface – under the masks we all wear. It is friendly enough but it is not good enough and not what God designed the Church to be. It is to be a family, an army, a Body… All telling us that there must be connectedness and belonging if the Christian faith – our personal faith in the Lord – is to be all that He intends it to be.

So, God designed the “gathering of the saints” we see throughout the New Testament. In the Book of Acts it talks of meeting daily for “fellowship” as well as eating together and learning from the teachers of God’s Word (Acts 2:42). We see that even the leaders worked in teams, travelled together, and come to know one another personally. Today, this would mean believers having coffee together, sharing a meal, inviting others to their homes; as well as texting, phoning, emailing… There are so many ways to connect and stay in touch.

As a result of this basic need of Christians we have early morning coffee times at our Sunday assemblies, fellowship times in the midst of the service, growth groups that meet in homes on a week night, special “schools” that meet for a specific topic and a limited season – such as the School of the Supernatural. We have Facebook, Twitter, and a church app for smart phones… All to encourage connectedness so that you can really belong to the family of God and be a vital part of the Body of Christ – connected to other members of the Body.

So, we have all the ‘planned’ events and then the ‘informal’ times with one another and so become a strong local church of inter-connected, belonging disciples of the Lord. And, then we can move forward and fulfill His call, His plan and purpose for every church.

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