Columbus Airport – On My Way Home

I am on my way home. Always a good feeling. I have worked for 10 days in Ohio with 4 churches and impacting 7 or 8 in the process. God has been good to me and this ministry that He has given to me. It has been awesome, powerful, overwhelming, and very tiring. Early mornings (6:00a) and going to 1:00a most nights (mornings). It has been different than any other ministry trip into Ohio in the past. More powerful and more fulfilling. Things seem to only get better and better.

I will be returning to Ohio in January to continue working with several of the new churches I was introduced to this trip. As well, I will spend ten days ministering at River of Life in Butler – the original open door into Ohio. I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships here and to move the churches I am involved with a little further into their apostolic-prophetic future.

I have picked up several new people who have asked me to mentor them. One is a pastor of a very prophetic church and the others are men in training to be apostles. The number of people I mentor here is growing and God is, in many ways, stretching what I know and how I do things so as to better train these young people. It is not true that old dogs can’t learn new tricks – I am!

There is much follow-up work to do here as is true after every trip. Many things need to be forwarded to those I promised things to; people need encouraging; new teachings need to be researched and written so as to answer questions that I have been asked during the ministry trip. So, many hours of follow-up work and prayer needed to wrap up the visit after arriving back home. This too is normal.

Thanks everyone for praying and having a very powerful and important role in all that was and will be accomplished here in Ohio.

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