Code Blue

My wife has recently had a total knee transplant and so was in hospital for a few long days of preparation, operation, initial recovery, and therapy. She is now home slowly, very slowly, returning to normal. But, she is home and we are thankful to God and to the doctors and nurses that took such good care of her.

Each day as I sat there during the various stages of her stay in the hospital; each day I heard a “Code Blue” call over the hospital intercom system. It is spoken out a minimum of three times along with the floor, ward, room, and bed number. And, it means someone’s heart has stopped. The race is on to revive a life. Of course, we never knew if it was successful or not. But, it did make me stop and think.

We are often so focused on our issues. After all, my wife was in the hospital for a long awaited knee replacement. There were some risks. There would be a fair amount of pain. There would be a seriously long recovery from the operation with physiotherapy on a regular basis. We had already been through classes, had home visits by various people – physiotherapist, pharmacist, nurse, and on the list could go. It has been an ordeal. It has been a serious focus in our life and home for many months. Many changes have had to happen. Many more changes will now begin to be required to accommodate recovery.

But “Code Blue.” That means someone’s heart has stopped. That means they are as close to the edge of eternity as you can get and not permanently cross over into the next life. Code Blue means your life, or death, is in the hands of those who have been trained for these types of situations. They call the machinery that goes with the Code Blue the crash cart. So, the person is about to crash out of this life permanently and into the next life. That leaves much room for thought.

Is this person ready for the next life? Has a believer built a solid relationship with them over the length of their current life which might now be ending permanently? And, has this believer been successful at sharing the love of God in practical ways as well as in words? Has the person heard the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom in such a way that they understood what God was offering to them through His grace and the death of Jesus, His Son? In other words, is this person ready to (permanently) die and meet His Creator?

Often we, as believers, are so focused on the details and circumstances of our daily life that we forget that others have not heard the good news that ‘Jesus saves.’ In a world full of church buildings many have never heard and thus never considered the real message of the Christian faith. In spite of all the Christian radio and television that is available 24/7 most non-believers do not listen to the programs. And, even if they did, most programs do not present the Gospel. In fact, most Christian broadcasting speaks to Christians and not non-believers and a lot of what is presented is not biblical. 

Maybe the person who is now “Code Blue” has been a church attender all their life; that is really irrelevant. If the person has not been born again and thus does not have a personal relationship with the Living Lord Jesus … all the church attendance in the world will not suffice to bring them into Heaven. And, again, many many churches do not believe or preach the foundational message of salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone. 

We who are believers are so personally preoccupied with what seems to us at the time our personal “life and death situations” that we are not focused on building relationships with non-believers so that they can see the true gospel of the Kingdom lived out in front of them. And, most believers do not believe that it is their task to share the gospel verbally. In fact, statistics and surveys show that many do not believe in evangelism at all. So, their faith becomes a private matter and not shared with others.

So, “Code Blue” reminds me that there is a powerful message that needs to be shared with those with whom we share a relationship. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom and it “is the power of God unto salvation.” And, we never know when one of the people we know and love will face their own “Code Blue” and, if they do, it might be too late to share the love of God with them.