City of the North – Report #1

I am in the city of Prince Albert this morning. This is a fair size city for my area of the world (45,000) and is 4.5 hours away from where I live. It is the gateway to the northern part of this province (state) and from here on north the terraine is georgeous – rugged, trees, lakes, great fishing and camping territory. Go another 6 or so hours north and you end up at the end of the road systems and into territory where you have to fly in or wait for the “winter roads”. That means you wait for the lakes to freeze over and then drive across the lakes until spring. Great part of the terrific nation I live in.

Last night – after a business (supper) meeting with a man who is an apostle and part of our network of churches (Life Builders Network) he and I went to a banquet room in a downtown hotel where people assembled for coffee and an evening of worship, teaching and the prophetic. There was a sizable crowd (in my mind and for the first time anything like this had been tried) gathered and after the host taught on prophecy and preparing oneself to receive – I stood and taught for a few minutes straight from the scripturres on what prophecy is all about and how the rest of the evening was going to work. God;s Word is very clear about this wonderful gift. The people were receptive and anxious to see God in action and hear a word from the Lord for their lives.

We prophesied for about 2.5 hours and we gave some very subtantial words of direction to people. We also brought healing and freedom to a number of people – releasing them from generational curses and other past pain and woundedness. We brought several who were in attendance up to the front to work with us and taught them about the prophetic and other giftings as we went along – in front of everyone else so all could be learning about this wonderful gift from the Father.

God is so good and so gracious. The people ranged in age from early twenties to late sixties and so we had a wide range of people and interests to work with. Some were seasoned believers and others were not yet saved. A prophetic person’s dream come true. A room full of people, most of whom you do not know, and an anointing to prophesy.

Personally, it was a great night. The more I do things like this and use the gifts the Lord has given to me – the more “comfortable” I become with them. I am trusting my “prophetic senses” more than ever and speaking much more boldly each time – and the words are flowing with greater depth and accuracy … and the results are always overwhelming.

God is so good. On the way in as I am walking through the hotel lobby a lady stops me, introduces herself and reminds me we had met many years ago when I taught regularly in this city in a Bible School. She tells me that I spoke a prophetic word over her life and she just wanted to thank me and tell me that it has all come to pass and she is living in the midst – right now – of that prophetic word actually taking place and being totally fulfilled. God is so good to bring encouragement like this when I was just entering into the venue to begin to minister. He always knows what we have need of.

We ended the evening with a prayer line for healing and again God moved prophetically and people received their healings as God touched them in love and with His power.

Then another hour of debriefing as the other apostle and myself took a quick look at the night and how we think it went as this was the first timke we had ministered as a team like this in the prophetic. Bed by 1:30 after a failed attempt to upload a radio show so my web master could begin the editing process – he is on it this morning remotly accessing my office computer and making the transfer as it simply would not work for me the way it should have and always has.

Just love this modern technology – Prince Albert, Regina, and Dayton, Ohio all linked together on the same computer screen…

Today I am with 20+ men and women coming off of mainlining drugs who are in a life skills class. This morning I teach them on listening skills as this is a week on learning to communicate. Then this afternoon – without being religious or using Christianese – we are going to prophesy over all of them one at a time speaking from God’s heart to their heart. It will be a day of great impact for these men and women – most of whom are not born again and do not, therefore, have a relationship with the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ.

More on this tomorrow…

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  1. samuel mcknight
    samuel mcknight says:

    to ralph
    thank u for the time and evening with the obedient from the Lord to be use has a vessel to speak over people lives and my life to and God bless U greatly

  2. Ralph
    Ralph says:


    It was good to see you there on Monday night and to be able to speak prophetically into your life and your walk with the Lord. You have a terrific future as a man of God and He is working in your life – healing, changing, producing fruit, teaching and maturing you. It was an honor to have a small part to play in that maturing process and to be able to speak into your life on God’s behalf.

    Keep in touch.


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