City of the North – Report #2

It is late on Tuesday night – early Wednesday morning. The end of my second day in Prince Albert – a city that forms the gateway to the very large northern part of our province (state). It has been a full, challenging, and fun day!

Today I spent the day with almost 20 men and women who are on a drug rehabilitation program. In the morning I taught on listening skills as this is their segment on communications. Then after a lunch break (meeting with someone not involved in the program over the meal) spent the afternoon discussing prophecy – answering their questions before actually doing it. Then we spent 2 hours prophesying over a number of the students. The interesting thing is that, to the best of my knowledge, they were all non-Christians. And, here is God speaking to their potential and telling them in some detail about their futures. God was so gracious as He broke off past hurts and wounds while drawing their attention to how He feels about them and how much He loves them. It was a seriously supernatural afternoon. A blessing and a joy!

It was extra special because I was working with a really neat apostle from Saskatoon who is part of the network of churches that I work with – as well as a good friend. We have not done a lot of this kind of work together and so it was new and fresh to both of us and a joint experience that we shared together. A great opportunity to work together and see how God used us jointly in ministry to the same people.

And, we pulled in a young man called David who had been at our meeting the night before and whom we had prophesied over. He came at the invitation of the director of the program – so I invited him up to help us as a third in the team. Great opportunity for him to practice and work with two men as he fine-tund his prophetic edge. It was fun teaching and training him in public in front of a live audience as we ministered to these wonderful people.

Then out for a supper meeting with a wonderful couple who are church planting here in Prince Albert and who are connected to our Network of churches. Great supper where we shared fellowship and did a little discusing of “business” – which is enjoyable as our ‘business’ is Jesus and He is fun to discuss. Back to the hotel and some work on my computer – and, I admit it – half an hour of the Comedy Channel that actually had a decent show that brought a chuckle to my heart after a somewhat intense but good day.

God is faithful. It is such a blessing and honour to be in the work of the ministry and to share with Him the joy of seeing peoples’ lives permanently changed and altered forever. He just loves getting involved in people’s lives and telling them the plans and purpose that He has for their lives. And, He especially enjoys speaking into the lives of non-believers which is so neat to see and be a part of. I hope I never lose my sense of amazement and awe as I continue to travel worldwide and speak prophetically into the lives of young people calling them to walk with the living God and to enter into the greatest never-ending adventure that anyone ever dreamed of.

Real early start on the road this morning – as a 4+ hour drive … and two new grandchildren to visit with, a radio program to burn onto CD now it has been edited and mailed off for this Sunday’s program. Then preparation for this evening Bible study I am leading on the topic of ‘Heaven’. Then home to the study to do the finishing touches on a teaching for the next day – Thursday – in the city of Moose Jaw. It is great to be involved in such meaningful work for the Lord when most my age are retiring. Me, I feel like I am refiring.

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