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A church on every corner doesn’t guarantee Christ in every heart. In fact, many of the corner churches are not preaching the Gospel of salvation but are actually preaching some other gospel and a different Jesus than the one proclaimed in the Scriptures (2 Corinthians 11:4). And, many of the churches that do believe the biblical Gospel are not preaching or proclaiming it as they are busy with maintenance religion which focuses on caring for and keeping the sheep they already have in the fold and they are not concerned with the lost ones…

I was reading the other day – an interview with two pastors who lead the fastest growing churches in the United States. I was amazed that they have only one focus – the salvation of lost souls. I was amazed that all church programming includes some element of winning the lost. Their personal passion is to win the lost. The focus and the passion of the people of the churches they lead is to win the lost. Their conversation focuses on winning the lost. They were single-focused on the task that Jesus gave to His Church – the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and not apologetic in the least. No wonder they are leading the two fastest growing churches in the United States.

We need believers to reach the millions of people who never go to church – missionaries to their own nation. I don’t like the word “missionary” as it depicts someone with a special calling and most New Testament missionaries were really simply believers who were part of an apostolic team that was out there winning the lost and planting churches founded and built to win the lost and then disciple, train, equip, mentor and release the new believers to reach the lost at any cost.

I don’t like the word ‘missionary’ but, for many, it is a word they definitely understand as their churches send out missionaries. So, I believe they need to be sent out and be missionaries to their own neighbours and neighborhoods. I would call this being an apostolic people – however, I don’t care what we call it as long as we are doing it.

I had coffee for 90 minutes yesterday with a young married lady who is a mother of four (and one of my daughters) and we were talking about the lost. I can’t help myself – it is just a major focus in my life and not something I have to work at bringing up in conversations. To have time with me means talking about saving souls and your role in the same. She and her husband are about to start a home church (bible study – cell church – fellowship group – outreach) which will be studying some material that I taught about a year ago and that impactd their lives, family and marriage. They have invited several other Christian couples to join them in this 6 week event – along with an equal number of unsaved and non-church attending friends. It was a great coffee.

I am passionate about telling others about Jesus and the night and day diference He has made and is making in my life (1 Peter 2:9 The Message Version). I am an apostle. It does not matter what I speak on or what the topic of the sermon is – I can and do always bring it around to the need to be influencing our world with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16). And I unashamedly invite every believer whom I fellowship with or who spends time with me to join me (and the Holy Spirit) in the wonderfully exciting task of taking the Word of God to unreached people in Canada and the world.

I leave in mid-November for the nation of Kazakhstan where I will be spending 15 days teaching and ministering in a team of four. Bob MacDonald from Canada ( will be going from his nation. He is a wonderful apostolic man who ministers a sure Word of the Lord both as he teaches from Scripture and when he moves prophetically. A powerful man of God.

Along with us will be two young apostles (in training) from Ukraine. Ralph Howe Ministries has paid their way to be with us as they learn how to minister apostolically so that they too can be winning the lost and impacting nations. All four of us – as we teach and minister – will be constantly drawing believers and leaders back to the main task of the Church – seeking and saving the lost (Luke 19:10).

We can’t help it – everything just ends up there – every conversation, every teaching (no matter the topic), every service, every training school. Afterall, we are “sent ones” and we have been commissioned and sent by the Lord for a very specific task … to pour foundations for the Church of Jesus Christ which the Lord is building and which is built upon revelation (the prophetic) and which the forces of Hell cannot defeat.

A Church that is not only on every street corner but is reaching out every day to every heart so that Jesus Christ is preached in every neighborhood and every nation.

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