Church Enemy #1 – “Tweak the Truth”

We must be very careful as there are a number of very subtle deceptions that can and will signifigantly hurt your church should you not be aware of them and protect yourself from them.

The first enemy of today’s Church is “COMPROMISE”. This is something both leaders and followers need to become very aware of and guard against. In our attempt to reach out to the lost and to be relevant to the world in which we find ourselves we are often tempted to adjust the truth somewhat – Oh, just a little bit here and a slight bit there. We “tweak the truth”. There are three specific areas we are tempted to tweak the truth – sex, salvation and Scripture.

Sex: God clearly defines sex as being for one man and one woman committed to oneness through marriage. This, of course, is under direct attack in our world today. 9 out of 10 couples coming to be married are living together and often have already brought one or two children into the world. Often this is not the first person that they have lived with and had sex with. And, these young couples see nothing wrong with what they have done and are doing – living together and having sex outside of marriage is not wrong in their minds. Of course, we also face the redefinition of marriage thus allowing for the legalizing of same-sex marriages and the Church is being asked to bless the same and to even officiate at these same-sex weddings. Clearly – this is a deep area of concern for the born again Church today and one we must not compromise on. The Bible is very clear and uncompromising in its stand and understanding about sex.

Salvation: The Bible clearly states that there is no other name under Heaven whereby a person must be saved – Jesus is the only way to the Father and only through a relationship with Him will a person find entrance into Heaven upon their death. We can know this for sure – have an assurance of eternal life according to 1 John 5:13 and John 17:3. We must be careful not to water this down and accept the popular but very wrong teaching that there are many ways to enter Heaven and that all religions lead to the same place. If you don’t buy into that – be careful that the compromise does not come in the form of deciding that a loving God cannot and could not comdemn anyone to Hell and so everyone goes to Heaven automatically when they die (Universalism). Again, a compromise we must guard again even if popular and more acceptable to others in our part of the world.

Scripture: The Bible is our only source for faith and practice. The Bible contains absolute truth and we must not reject this teaching and compromise just to be more open and more accepting of others. In our attempt to reach out to others and be culturally relevant we must not water this belief down and compromise even if it turns some people away.

Brad Powell states: “The lesson here is that even when we’re committed to speaking the truth, compromise becomes a very real possibility when we put too much value on being relevant. We need to stay faithful to the truth as we adapt how we communicate it.”

Two other enemies … Carnality and Character (bad). More on these tomorrow…

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    AMEN !!!! and AMEN…On Jan. 1st of this year I handed in my resignation and store key to my formere employee at a “christian” bookstore…I was seeing an ever-increasing amount of idolatry, occultism, new age, superstitious and sacreligious junk being sold (ie. rosaries, queen of heaven statues and pictures, dream catchers, harry potter cards, st joseph home selling kits, female ‘angels’, books by tony campolo, etc. etc.) I could no longer be party to sending people to hell while they were convinced they were going to heaven….Brannon Howse has stated that one of the most dangerous places on earth is in “christian” bookstores…how true. Raise the flag of NO COMPROMISE and be like Nehemiah…never come off the wall ….smc


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