Christmas and the Mission

Over in Luke 19:10 we see Jesus stating the reason He came from Heaven and was born in Bethlehem in Judea on that first Christmas morning. He came, by His own admission, “to seek and save the lost”. That is reason for all this that we call Christmas today.

Now, you would never know this was the reason or the purpose for Christmas. I have been out in the shopping malls two times in the past three weeks – during the day – and there is absolutely no “Prince of peace” ruling in the hearts of the people or in the atmosphere of the stores. Even grocery shopping was an adventure. I thought I had purchased everything we would need to see us over the next ten day but then my wife found a few other food items we needed so I went back and did some shopping just two days ago. What a panic … people everywhere and almost an hour waiting in line at the checkout.

But then I remembered that we – the Christians – are celebrating God becoming a man and dwelling among us so that we could have a proper understanding or revelation of God the Father and then, because of Good Friday and Easter, have a way to establish that relationship with God as we now understand Him. And that as Jesus came to seek and save the lost so I must be about my Father’s business. So, I used the opportunity to share Jesus with the others in the same checkout line that I was in – starting conversations (easy at this time of year) and quickly turning them to the mission the Lord left for us to accomplish. I am, like Him, “going in to all the world and sharing the good news of the Gospel” which, as Paul reminds us, is still “the power of God unto salvation”.

Today – Wednesday – is my day to go to some of the businesses that I frequent during the year (coffee shops and restaurants where I meet with people and hold business meetings and even read and write sermons) and wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them of the real meaning behind all this “holiday cheer” which always seems to be missing when you look at the faces of those out shopping …

So, let’s not forget that the “crib” is connected to the “cross” and then connected to the “crown” as one without the others is meaningless. Christmas – Easter – the Second Coming is what this is really all about. And while we wait for the King to come and claim His Bride we must be telling others of the good news that He has made a way where there was no way and that He is the Way – the only Way to the Father and eternity in Heaven.

Good time of the year to engage others in a conversation about spiritual matters – afterall, even if they don’t believe – this is a season when we, the Christans, celebrate the birth of our Savior. And, if they are simply coming along for the ride and really don’t believe but are simply taking advantage of the season and the extra days off – they should really know the real reason for the season that often gets buried in the midst of the activities, the gifts, and the myths that have been built up around this event to shield people from the real message – Jesus saves!

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  1. samuel
    samuel says:

    most of all Merry Christmas with love from the Mcknight family to the Howe family with love from our father the living GOD.


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