Christianity Is Relational

As you read this it will be evening here in Turkey. End of day one… I am in a beautiful spot in the mountains. I have never been to this area before. The scenery is wonderful for a guy who lives on flat prairie. Sitting on the balcony reading my Bible and praying this morning was a tremendous experience. It was cool but not cold weather-wise. But the Lord’s presence was warm and inviting as always.

Yesterday on my way to this area of southern Turkey I had opportunity to reconnect with some beautiful people from the United States and to meet some new people from both England and the United States. When a Christian meets another Christian for the first time there is an instant bonding and a relationship can get off to a great start because we have so much in common. Made the last leg of a long two day trip very enjoyable.

Today I have had opportunity to meet with some fantastic people from a number of nations. Meals, of course, turn into “business” meetings and even walks from one area to another in the hotel end up as times to talk and come to know others you have just met. An introvert’s nightmare but one that I believe I handle well.

Please pray for my time here that the Lord would be glorified and I would grow spiritually. I want to catch more of the Lord’s heart for His people and for His Kingdom and my role in what He is currently doing in the nations of the world. Thanks for praying. Greatly appreciated.

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