Choice and Commitment

Many in churches today have made a choice. They have chosen to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. They have come to believe that He is the Son of God; that He came to earth fully God and fully man as Jesus of Nazareth; that His death on the cross paid the penalty for their sin so that they would no longer be judged according to their personal violations of God’s Moral Law (the 10 Commandments); That He has “saved” them from death and Hell.

They have made a choice. That choice is to accept Jesus as their Saviour. Not Mohammad, not Buddha, not Hari Chrisna but Jesus.

Good so far! But that’s as far as many go. And there is something very important that is missing.

When I married my wife almost 35 years ago I understood this very important element. I was making a choice. I chose to marry her and not someone else. No one twisted my arm to marry her. I chose to do so. And, then at the altar of the university chapel in which we were married I made a commitment to be with her until death took one of us home to Heaven. Old fashion, I know. But that is exactly what I did and I knew very well that marriage is a choice and then a commitment. Both of which I needed to make and hold to forever.

It’s like that when one is born again. Yes, there is a choice – you chose to accept God’s offer of forgiveness and a personal relationship with Him. But it takes more than that to be a true convert and to become a new creature in Christ, as Paul states we are. It takes commitment.

Commitment to a new way of thinking (repentance). Commitment to a new life-style. Commitment to the Church and the worship assembly of that local fellowship. Commitment to grow in the relationship with Jesus and other believers. Commitment to work at the one task that Jesus gave directly to His Church – to “seek and save the lost” by “going in to all the world”. Commitment to change and become more like Jesus each day. Commitment to follow Jesus no matter where that may take you. That is what is missing in the lives of many believers.

We don’t follow just when it is convenient. We don’t follow only when it is beneficial to us. We don’t follow only when we feel like it. We don’t follow only when we are well rested, not shopping, not watching Sunday baseball… We follow regardless. We make a commitment to follow regardless and to pay the cost of being a believer – whatever that may be today.

You chose to make Him your Saviour. Then you must make a commitment to follow regardless – to make Him Lord

Choice and commitment. Like love and marriage they go together and I don’t believe you can have one without the other. Saviour and Lord go together and one wonders if you can really have one without the other. This author does not think so. Thus, he is deeply concerned with the eternal fate of many who profess to be believers and really are simply false converts.

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