Chicken Poop From the Soul

If you have not read “Chicken Poop For the Soul” … look for yesterday’s blog (non-apostolic trip blog)…

Much of what goes on in the Church today is chicken poop for the soul. It is fluffy, superficial and not supernatural, powerless to transform lives and somewhat irrelevant. But like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books it sounds good, smells good and tastes good to the soul. However, the spirit person meanwhile is malnourished and slowly dying.

In the Church today there is too much soul realm ministry – both for the soul of those receiving ministry and from the soul of those ministering. This is so evident in the area of the prophetic.

When ministering prophetically we need to hear God who is Spirit (John 4) in our spirit where the Holy Spirit lives. Too many people ministering in the prophetic hear God in their soul realm – their mind, their will and their emotions. There they will receive mixed messages – God’s Word mixed with their feelings, their thoughts, their agenda for the Church or for the perspon being ministered to. However, if a person hears God in their spirit then this Word is a pure Word when received. It will be a powerful word from the Lord and not simply more chicken poop for the soul and from the soul.

Of course, a Word of the Lord received in one’s spirit then needs to move from our spirit through our soul (mind, will, and emotions) without being contaminated. Otherwise it will be simply chicken poop – as your mind must take what your spirit has received and speak it out with words not accurately representing what the Lord is attempting to communicate. Secondly, the Word will not be spoken correctly without your will’s involvement because you have to decide to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit and speak. And, your emotions will be involved because what you are feeling (nervous, scared, over-confident) will effect how you deliever what the Lord is saying. If your mind, will and emotions (your soul) is damaged and not healthy – Chicken poop from the soul.

So, your will needs to be submittd to God’s will – otherwise chichen poop from the soul. And it is not just your will located in your soul realm because John, chapter one tells us there is a will of God, a will of the flesh, and the will of man (soul realm). So, your flesh’s will must also be submitted to the will of God.

And, your emotional realm needs to be submitted to God as well – with all unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, offenses and other emotional clutter dealt with or else these things will contaminate the Word that you received and when you give it it will be chicken poop from the soul.

Your mind also needs to have renewed and even transformed by God’s Word (Romans 12:1-2) so that your thoughts are His thoughts and you have the mind of Christ. Otherwise when the Word you received is translated into words in your mind it will become simply more chicken poop from the soul.

Regretfully, in the realm of the prophetic today in the Church there is little really valid prophetic ministry and a lot of chicken poop from the soul because believers are not taking the time to deal with soul realm issues – issues of their feelings, their thought life, their emotional and spiritual baggage, their own unforgiveness and bitterness… and so, instead of a pure Word from the Lord you just have more chicken poop from the soul joining all the other chicken poop coming form the pulpit and elsewhere.

And, man does not live on chicken poop but on spiritual bread from the heart and hand of God. It is time to judge the prophetic and be much more discerning regarding what is being spoken as a “Word of the Lord” in the church and the nations today. There is a serious need for more spirit realm and less soul realm ministry.

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