Chicken Poop For the Soul

Much of what goes on in the Church today is chicken poop for the soul. It is fluffy, superficial and not supernatural, powerless to transform lives and somewhat irrelevant. But like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books it sounds good, smells good and tastes good to the soul. However, the spirit person meanwhile is malnourished and slowly dying.

You have to wonder some Sundays after the service if God is still into that stuff that Jesus did in the New Testament. You know, when miracles were normal and part of every day life. As I was thinking about this the Lord asked me a question. When the Lord asks you a question He is not looking for information, He is wanting to show you something, teach you something. He asked me if I was living with such reckless faith that I needed to see miracles every day? Gotcha ya!

If we get sick, we go to a doctor. If we need food, we go to the store and buy it. We have no money, we use our credit cards. We have eliminated the need for miracles. If we had enough faith to depend on God like the lilies and the sparrows do, we would see miracles. But we live a lifestyle that doesn’t need God until an emergency or serious crisis arises and then we cry out to Him asking for His help.

Never mind that the crisis is a result of our own action and behavior; that we are simply reaping what we have sown; that we are suffering the consequences of our neglect of our spiritual health. And, then when God doesn’t answer immediately and get us out of the mess we lose faith. Duh! You didn’t have any faith to lose in the first place as you were most likely living according to the world or your flesh and doing your own thing without God … no faith there. So, no faith to lose.

A thought: maybe the mess you got yourself in can be used by God to teach you to put your faith in Him first. Just a thought!

To see miracles, signs and wonders and get out from under all the poop we need to live by faith, walk by faith, believe in faith, be empowered by faith … Jesus said, “Be it done unto you according to your faith.” (Matthew 9:29) Another version states, “Become what you believe.” This is so true. Faith is not an emergency switch we pull to prevent a train wreck – it is a simple, daily way of life that must become as natural as breathing. When it becomes just that – a way of daily life – we will get out from underneath all the chicken poop (the natural, soul-realm and flesh) and actually see the supernatural happen and the real life of God manifest itself.

I, for one, am tired of the poop I see in the Church today and have had enough. It is time for change.

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