Major Changes in the Direction and Make-up of My Church Worldwide

I hear the Lord speaking to His Church about a number of issues. Therefore, instead of saying, ‘The Lord would say…’ I am simply going to list what I believe the Lord is speaking to His Church today.

1> That the Spirit-filled church needs to guard herself when it comes to her focus in outreach. That much is being spoken of in the born again Church of reaching out relationally and into neighborhoods through building ‘table groups’ and sharing meals and gatherings (ball games, community events) with the unsaved. This is good in and of itself but I have called you to walk supernaturally and to minister in the gifts of My Spirit to impact lives and then share the Gospel of My Kingdom with them. So, My people, be supernatural and do as My Son did.

2> The Kingdom has become a major emphasis within certain branches of My Church. This is a good thing for the message of the Church involves the establishment of the Kingdom. But, be careful that the Church, My Bride, is still the central point of life for all believers and the place where all Kingdom ministry is equipped, trained, and released. Do not neglect My Bride while you focus on My Kingdom. I have placed you within a local church to be a vital part of that body and to do your part for the health and life of that local body and this shift in focus can, but must not, detract from the life of my body.

3> This is a time when I am uprooting and tearing down. There are some things that need to be dealt with in the life of the local church – some sin that needs to be uprooted and some man-made religious structures that I need to tear down. This will be a painful but a quick work for I have much planned for My Church and this will simply be one stage in the preparation for a launch of powerful apostolic and prophetic ministry with signs and wonders following. This will be quickly followed by a time to plant and to build. This is an emphasis in ministry that will take you to the highways and byways and to every nation of the planet to plant a new breed of supernatural Church against which the darkness will not prevail. This supernatural Church will not rely on programs or personalities, buildings or budgets but will be leaven in the communities where I place them bringing healing resulting in massive and visible life-change – transformation – as My glory truly begins to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.

4> There is a release of my apostles around the world. In many nations those who have been called into the five-fold ministry of apostle have been in training while performing other tasks within my Church. They have not been visible as their true calling has been hidden while I prepared them. However, it is time for promotion, promotion, promotion as this breed of supernatural ministers are released to fully proclaim My Gospel by words and deeds – by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of My Spirit. 

5> This will be a season in my Church that will become known in later years as one of massive expansion when literally tens of thousands of new churches will be raised up. These will be in all nations of the world and will be Spirit-filled, supernatural expressions of My body releasing My life to those nations where I have planted them. These will be “multiplier” churches because they will plant apostolically. They will not be satisfied with seeing the lost saved and added to the Kingdom daily. They will want to see multitudes saved and many churches planted to disciple, train and equip these new believers. They will, right from the start, build with the idea of multiplying – not planting just a church but planting in such a way as to encourage the one local church to immediately begin to plant other churches thus multiplying their impact upon the nations.

This major shift in the hearts of My people and in the focus of My Church will result in a total change in the overall make-up of My Church worldwide. For truly a rebirth of the supernatural will happen in the Church with an outward focus upon the lost as My people follow the lead of the apostles I am establishing and go into all their world and win the lost as My Son has commanded.  Those that fail to recognize, ignore or oppose this move of My Spirit will fade from the public eye and then, within one generation, cease to exist altogether.

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