Changes Needed in the Church

As we enter an exciting time in this season that the Lord has us in – we will be witnessing a large number of changes in the Church as Jesus brings it into line with His blueprint for the Church He is building. For the main leader (pastors in most cases) the changes will be immense and, at times, threatening. For the disciples they will be noticeable and somewhat exciting. For those who simply attend when they feel like it – hardly visible or noticed at all.

Yesterday`s blog talked briefly about one new aspect – apostolic faith. The older more traditional approach to the life of the Church could be called “European Theology.” We are moving away from the compromise of the European expression of the Christian faith – the Reformation and Vatican II – and moving into a much more biblical model of the faith based on the apostolic faith as found in the book of Acts and the rest of the New Testament.

In my research for a book that I am writing I have discovered a number of new skills leaders will need to learn and that the Church will see… Let me list them today and talk about a select few of them starting tomorrow.

European theology BECOMES Apostolic Faith
Expository preaching BECOMES Motivational Storytelling
Confirmation Class teaching BECOMES Core Leadership Coaching
Congregational programming BECOMES Culture of Equipping
Institutional administration BECOMES Decentralized Administration
Strategic planning BECOMES Ministry Mapping
Hierarchical accountability BECOMES Congregational Identity Building
Committee development BECOMES Mission Team Development
Sacramental uniformity BECOMES Discernment of Spirit in Culture
Ability to use 16th Century technology BECOMES Ability to Constantly Use Updateable Technology
One-to-one ministry BECOMES Multiplication of Ministry
Large group management BECOMES Multiplication of Groups
Teaching BECOMES Mentoring
Property Management BECOMES Community Development
Ecumenical Cooperation BECOMES City-Reaching Movements
Professional development BECOMES Faith Models
Evangelism programs BECOMES Lifestyle Evangelism
Membership Assimilation BECOMES Gift Discernment

Many changes are coming upon the Church and the way we work and minister together. Exciting times of change are ahead. The Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken and is preparing the foundation for the Church that He is building. I will work at unwrapping a few of these that need some explanation in the coming days. Your interaction is always appreciated.

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