Changes Leaders Need to be Making

In the Church that Jesus is building we are going to see some amazing differences from the church that we are use to and have lived with since becoming believers. We have been looking briefly at a number of these massive and very significant changes in the last few days in these daily blogs.

One of the changes will be that leaders and people need to stop the regular routine of church activity and step off into this new world. Instead of trying to promote programs, coordinate volunteers, find people to carry out the church programs, or even develop the key leaders of the church – effective senior leaders will put systems in place that develop leaders at every level of the congregation.

Effective leaders create equipping cultures where all believers are actively involved in equipping and encouraging each other in this mission with God. They create development experiences at multiple levels. For example, they have places for guest to become involved, new Christians to begin to minister, as well as various places for all levels of more mature believers to learn how to minister while ministering – receiving hands-on experience and mentoring. As well, these leaders will enable every believer to move from the church into the marketplace which is the real mission field for disciples of the Lord. This will take believers from less to more maturity and from less to more responsibility as part of the priesthood of all believers.

As well, another change will see effective leaders no longer coordinating from the center and on behalf of the institution. Instead leaders will allow people to lead from the fringes of the congregation. The key is to decentralize authority and power and release people to find their place within the Body rather than trying to coordinate that and tell people how and where to serve in and through the church.

For decentralization to happen effectively, three things must happen:
1> The leader must be willing to give up ministry and be willing to mentor
2> The congregation (elders) must give up micromanaging the day-to-day decisions
3> The congregation must be clear on its identity (who they are as a church) and their mission (what they are called to do) so ministry is always in line with the direction God has set for the church

Then you no longer need to seek approval for every little thing and can actually begin to minister in the area the Lord has laid on your heart without having to first go through a lot of red tape.

More major adjustments tomorrow…

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