Changes Here are On-going and Constant

Here at Ralph Howe Ministries change is on-going and constant and moves at quite a fast clip most weeks. This week we are working with a new program that will allow us to format and publish the books we are writing and planning to self-publish as well as some of the teaching manuals for Global Discipleship Training Schools (another outreach of our ministry that began 10 years ago). These teaching manuals are being rewritten into a “correspondence school” format so we can go on-line with this proven, tried and tested 30 course discipleship school offering it both in English speaking world as well as the Russian speaking world.

Of course, change does not always go smoothly. This time the new program first needed an update of our operating system. Ah! A free download. Yes, free financially but not free of troubles. It downloaded well – then, when we tried to load the new programming it literally would not load and caused major problems with the basic functioning of the HP mini-computer. Another visit this afternoon from our IT guy…

Some other recent changes …

Our ministry schedules are posted on-line a number of months in advance and if we are ministering in your area we would love to have you attend and make yourself known to us. Always good to see friends of this ministry.

Our overseas ministry schedule will soon be located on the Russian-speaking section of the web page so that people in the former Soviet Union will be able to plan ahead to join us for the exciting ministry opportunities that are opening up there for our ministry teams. As well, the Russian speaking section of the web site will soon begin to have several posting a week of resource material to help train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11).

Our web site is now designed to handle any inquires we have from the Russian-speaking world. We have added several part-time staff members overseas to help us with the translation of emails and other correspondence. As well, we have begun to write training material for the generation of young apostles and prophets arising in Eastern Europe and we are having this material translated into Russian and sent out electronically to an ever-growing list of five-fold ministers in many nations. As well, several of my teaching manuals are going to be translated into Russian as I have had several requests to teach a number of the seminars I have been teaching in North America for years.

We have recently received an offer from the nation of Russia to work on the translation of the books that I am currently writing (to fulfill a prophetic word I have received a number of times regarding just that – the writing of books). So, as each one nears completion we will begin to translate and print a Russian edition of the material. Of course, we are excited about the possible impact this will allow Ralph Howe Ministries to have in many nations where Russian is the working language of the people.

We most certainly covet your prayers for all that is going on in both our North American office as well as in our overseas office. We depend on the Lord for the wisdom to do all He has called us to do as well as the strength to do it. Our team would also benefit from your prayers during this time – especially with the addition of several new team (staff) members and the adjustments that we are all making. As well, pray that all the needs would be met – added staff salaries, costs of new computers for our overseas workers, phone connections in Ukraine and general operating expenses for daily interpretation work and long-term translation of teaching and training material. These are exciting times for Ralph Howe Ministries and everyone involved as we step out in faith and trust the Lord more and more.

Our radio program – THE POINT – has begun broadcasting twice a week (Fridays and Sundays). Initial discussions have begun to work through what it will take to enter into a daily format for the program by late fall of this year. We have made some technological changes and purchased some new equipment to enable this and make it a distinct possibility. This will also allow us to do several of the programs each week “live” with a phone-in format. As well, several new Christian stations have begun broadcasting in our province (region) and so negotiations have begun to see if these new broadcast outlets might air our show in their areas. Again, God has supplied all the needs for this media outreach of Ralph Howe Ministries.

We are currently in the process of changing the location where are web site is located and the web master that handles all the daily work to keep us on-line and current. My personal assistant will now be doing the maintenance and updates and a local company will be doing the hosting. This is a substantial cost-saving move which will allow us to be better stewards of the financial resources the Lord supplies and will release more funding for our outreach projects.

We are now training a combined prophetic team and outreach team so that we are ready for the great summer and fall weather. We will be heading out to the parks and outdoor events in our local area to offer prophetic ministry and healing ministry to unbelievers in parks and parking lots. We have a dedicated outreach team and a seriously dedicated prophetic team – and thius combination of the two and the corss-training of the two is an exciting adventure as we begin to step out to see the lost saved and planted in the local church. This is a major focus here at Ralph Howe Ministries over the summer months.

These are just some of the many changes that are happening here as we continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the mandate that the Lord gave to this ministry prophetically several years ago. Your prayers are always greatly appreciated.

It is always good to hear from you and you can keep in touch by sending your emails to or by calling our toll-free number (1-866-615-6470 ext. 701) or my cell number at 306-536-9574.

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