Change and Challenge

God today is looking for a people who understand His message and who are willing to share it with others – locally and around the world. This involves embracing a Kingdom mentality and no longer just thinking local church. This involves embracing a heart for those who do not know Jesus, are not born again, and thus do not have an assurance of His love nor what will happen to them after they die. This involves embracing the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Jesus Said, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world…” (Matthew 24:14) This Gospel is good news to all who hear and understand it. And, they won’t hear it if we don’t share it – both in words and in deeds, by the power of the Holy Spirit. And, even then, they will only hear it if we who believe can explain and share it in ways that today’s younger generations can receive and understand it. 
This means that those of us who call ourselves believers have to grow, learn, and change. The message we have to share never changes but the methods and ways that we share it must be constantly changing so as to be relevant and vibrant, touching the hearts of people today. Younger people today are not looking for more information. They are looking to change and be transformed. They are wanting to be challenged to embrace something bigger and greater than themselves. They want to experience God and not just hear about Him. 
And that is the challenge we face in the church. Leaving our comfort zone, stretching and growing, learning new ways and sharing a timeless message of hope. The hunger is there for the message we have as disciples of Jesus. But, is the willingness to share? 
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