Reading a Book

I am reading a book. For those who know me or follow my blogs you realize that this is not news. I am always reading a book or two or three or… I am a reader. I am a bookaholic. I am more than addicted to books, I am addicted to reading and darn proud of it. I have always been a reader and if a day goes by without taking time to read something then I feel empty and hungry inside. This addiction has become so bad that I find myself reading everything and anything – cereal boxes, labels on cans, news bulletins on my iPhone – just for the sake of knowing something more or something new. 

I read daily as I make it a priority in my life. 

I read widely – politics, current affairs, novels (I have two or three favourite authors), history, classics, books on the Bible, the Bible, church, leadership, business, biographies, autobiographies, mentoring, discipling, and material dealing with the Christian faith current and past. 

I read one to two books a week – every week.

I don’t read, watch, or listen to anything that people forward to me and there are lots of opportunities to break that rule. If I don’t ask for something or agree to it being forwarded to me I simply don’t pay attention to it. First, there are simply too many things that people forward to me – one of the pitfalls of having a web page. Second, most of what people forward is sheer nonsense and not worth the time or effort. I value my time to read and don’t want to waste any of it reading something I didn’t ask for or need. And, this simple rule frustrates many and even makes a few mad.

I took a break from writing this blog for a few minutes as my phone let me know that Fedex had delivered a parcel and I knew it was books. Three new ones – one on the book of Genesis and two on writing and publishing non-fiction. I receive a book delivery at least twice and often three times a week. Yes, I have quite a substantial library. Oh, did I mention I was a bookaholic?

One of my mentors many years ago taught me: “A leader is a reader.” He also often said, “If you stop reading you will stop leading.” I believe both comments are true.

I prefer paper copies of books. You know, real books. But, if a book I want to read is no longer available in print then I do read eBooks and have both a Kobo and Kindle eBook reader. I read on my main office computer as well as I download material and resources so I can copy and paste storing what is valuable and useful to me. I mark each book up with a series of symbols so I can then go back and computerize the material I want to save – You know, “Q” for quotes, “B” for Bible, “Blog,” “new idea,” “FR = Further Research,” … you get the idea. 

I have to admit I am amazed at the number of people who don’t read or listen to audio books. Not just amazed – disappointed. And, I understand all the reasons and excuses for not reading or reading very little. But, in my humble opinion, people who don’t read on a regular basis tend to be shallow in their conversation and not all that interesting to speak with. I’m aware that I will most likely get blow back for that comment. But, in my experience of seven decades of living and relating to people, it has held to be true. People who don’t read are often boring. And the opposite is true, those who read widely always have something interesting to talk about and share.

So, no matter where you see me there is always a book in my hand or in the passenger seat of my car. A pen and highlighter is never far from my right hand. I never leave home without a book as you just never know when you might have five or ten minutes to do a little reading.