Compassion is not Feelings

Compassion is only compassion when you cross the street and go to someone. Too often, we confuse emotion with compassion.

Jesus was often moved with compassion – sometimes the Bible uses the term “pity” and “mercy” but the intention is that Jesus had compassion on people and this compassion always moved Him to action. That might mean laying hands on the sick and healing them; feeding the 4,000 or the 5,000 so they would not have to return home hungry, raising the widow’s son so she would still have someone to be the bread-winner and care for her; and even to letting the rich young man walk away and continue in his ways – not chasing him but letting him go so his hunger would increase and he would, one day, return and turn to Jesus.

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From the Ends of the Earth

Researcher Michael Jaffarian has been documenting the rise in evangelism initiatives over the past few years. In his work for Operation World he has found an amazing number of mobile believers going forth into all the world to preach the gospel – literally.

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You Have Potential

He was the weakest member of a faithless family living on the wrong side of town. He had a tentative and doubt-filled personality. And when we encounter him in the Bible. He is cowering out of fear that marauding outlaws might hunt him down.

His name is, you guessed it, Gideon. One day an angel appeared to him, and guess how he greeted this quivering coward? He could have called out, “Hey, you yellow-bellied chicken?” He could have called out “Hey, you with the spaghetti spine!” But instead, the angel said something entirely unexpected. He declared, “He Gideon, you mighty warrior.”

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Caretaker or Equipped Leader?

We live in a time when God doesn’t need any more caretakers of the institution. God needs called and equipped leaders who can bring the Kingdom to bear on this earth and He needs them now. Will you be one of those leaders?

How can you tell? Well, if your heart burns within you and you know there must be more to the Christian life than you are now experiencing – more than going to services, listening to teachings, attending meetings and sitting through prayer times that apparently make no difference to what is happening around you and within the church – then you are one. Well, at least a potential leader.

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Bibles! Bibles! Everywhere!

My study is a large room with books on every shelf and every wall covered with shelves.  Hundreds and hundreds of books – all purchased in the last three years … older ones are stored in other rooms in the house again on shelves that cover many of the walls. Books are important to me as I love to read and to learn. I read widely – history, biographies, Bible, ministry – and read secular as well as sacred. I even enjoy a good detective novel once in a while. I am surrounded by books. My current books include a great one by a Christian who is a photographer and who ended up lost in the Amazon rain forest while on assignment and God’s work in his life during the ordeal. Read more

The Kingdom of God is Advancing

Good News is spreading quickly in Africa – the good news that we know as the Gospel of the Kingdom. Some tremendous things are happening in these nations… Read more

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

If you are over the age of 40 you will know that this is a picture of Nat King Cole. He sang a number of great songs back in the 1960’s including one you would remember if you are 40+ or if you listen to 60’s on 6 on Sirius Satellite Radio or CHAB Moose Jaw or 750 CJVR Melfort on local radio. The one I am referring to is “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer.” If you don’t know the song – or want to relive a memory or two –

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Summer in the City

Summer is a great time simply to stand and talk to others who are outside in their yards, walking their dog, simply going for a walk, skateboarding, rollerblading, sun tanning, swimming… whatever they might be doing – the weather makes it possible to stand and talk with them building relationships, coming to know them and hopefully, over time, sharing your faith with them. Yes, a blog on evangelism and winning the lost. Once again, to remind everyone that disciples of the Lord evangelize. Jesus did say, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.”

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Weird or Normal?

As you enter or exit a plane almost anywhere in the world you walk a long corridor to reach the plane when getting on and the terminal when exiting the plane. In almost every major airport these long, portable walkways have signs along the walls. These are advertising HSBC – the world’s local bank. We have a branch in the city here.

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Why Be Normal When You Can Be Weird?

There is a great book out called “Weird” with the sub-title, “Because Normal Isn’t Working.” This is a great book about the Christian faith and our interfacing with the world in which we live.

Normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Many of their relationships are, at best, strained and, in most cases, just surviving. Even though we live in one of the most prosperous places on earth, normal is still living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. In our oversexed world, lust, premarital sex, guilt, and shame are far more common than purity, virginity, and a healthy sex life. And when it comes to God, the majority believe in him, but the teachings of scripture rarely make it into their everyday lives. Simply put, normal isn’t working.

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