All Moral Truth Is Up For Grabs – Postmodern

All moral truth is only truth when you choose to believe it. That is what people believe today – young and old. In the absence of foundational training, people have been influenced by a philosophy that permeates much of our society – government, schools, movies, television, and music – and guides much of our behaviors without us even being aware of it. This extremely complex, often contradictory, and constantly changing school of thought can be summarized as the prostmodern belief that: moral and religious truth does not exist in any objective sense.

Instead of “discovering ” truth in a story (such as the Bible) that presents a unifed way of looking at life – postmodernism rejects any overarching explanation of what constitutes truth and reality.

Truth – whether in science, education, or religion – is created by a specific culture or community and is “true” only in and for that culture.

Individual persons are the product of their cultures. That is, we are not essentially unique individuals created in the image of God; our identities are defined by our culture (Eastern, Western, European, urban, rural…).

All thinking is a “social construct.” In other words, what you and I regard as truths are simply arbitrary “beliefs we have been conditioned to accept by our society, just as others have been conditioned to accept a completely different set of beliefs.

Any system or statement that claims to be objectively true or unfavorably judges the values, beliefs, lifestyle, and truth claims of another culture is a power play, an effort by one culture to dominate other cultures.

People have not so much consciously adopted these concepts of truth as they have absorbed them over time. This cultural mindset has permeated every level of today’s society – everywhere.

So here is the problem … people have adopted a view that “all truth is relative to the individual and his/her circumstances.” So while a person may be willing to state that certain things are right or wrong; they believe that it applies only to them personally. People no longer believe in an absolute moral standard or moral truth. They do not believe there is a truth outside themselves that determines right from wrong. They do not believe there is a universal truth that is right for all people, in all places, at all times. Each person has been given the right to do and to say what that person thinks is best for him or her.

Gee, that sounds like the book of Judges where “each man did what was right in his own eyes” and I do believe we could call that lawlessness– at least that is what God calls it.

Here is the major issue for born again believers:

We believe in absolute truth and that God (a Source outsdie ourselves) has set that standard for us. Thus we are not free to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. This is not a personal or cultural or societal choice. It is not a private matter but a matter of fact and stated record.

So, unlike today’s society in which we live that believes that no one should be allowed to impose his or her own ideas of what is right and wrong on another. We believe, as born again Christians, that we have the objective truth and therefore the only truth and that without this truth one will not be living a life pleasing to God and will not be going to Heaven to be with God after this life ends. And, we believe therfore, that we must tell others about this objective truth and He who is Truth and literally convert them to our way of thinking. We are out to change the world – one person at a time.

As a result of this postmodern mindset – Christians are therefore now considered to be narrowminded and bigots who are judgmental and divisive. Our book, the Bible, is being declared hate literature and we are finding ourselves persecuted for what we believe or, at the least, simply written off and ignored as one fringe element of society that is no longer being tolerated or accepted.

This is the challenge that we face as born again believers today in many nations around the world. And, we must rise to this challenge and continue to declare the absolute truth as set out by a Source outside of ourselves and our immediate culture – God Himself. Truth that declares loudly that Jesus Christ is God and is the only way to salvation and eternal life – a personal relationship with God now and forever.

We must declare the answer to humankind’s basic needs and not be intimidated by a culture that is against all that we believe. We must not “go quietly”. In fact, we must go into all the world and declare the real and absolute truth. It is imperative that we do so and seriously urgent that we do so now. It is seriously time to stand up for the truth as seen in the pages of God’s Word, our Bible.