A Broken Vase

In Japanese culture there is a type of pottery art called kintsugi that deals with broken items such as clay pots, vases, and bowls. When a bowl or pot breaks, kintsugi artists put it back together using a lacquer mixed with either gold, silver, or platinum. 

When the pot is put back together, the gold, silver, or platinum veins running through the pot exactly where it had previously been broken are the most eye-catching. The new glory of the beautiful creation is the golden-laced broken pieces that have been repaired. If you Google this art form, you will see what I’m talking about – it is remarkably beautiful.

With Kintsugi, when something becomes broken, it doesn’t become less valuable. The new golden-laced repair makes it MORE valuable. It doesn’t try to hide or disguise the imperfections, but instead puts them on full display in all their beauty and glory. 

I don’t think we are much different when we come to Jesus. Some of the most inspiring people we know are those who have been hurt, who have suffered, or are broken, yet they still have a peace, joy, and resilience about them. Scars don’t hide our history, they show it. And when we show our scars, we get to point to the Healer who wove His grace right into the depths of every crack and fragmented part in our soul.

Sometimes it is an inner hurt, but sometimes it is physical scars. I have talked to a lot of people who have tried for years to rid themselves of shame and guilt and ache by cutting themselves. My heart breaks when I hear that. The beauty of Jesus is that He’s not asking us to hurt ourselves, inflict pain, or make ourselves worthy of Him. We are already worthy because of who made us. We have inherent value because the very Creator of the universe spun us into existence, and He even dances over us. Thinking we have to punish ourselves to be loved is nowhere in the Bible. In fact, the opposite is claimed in the Bible. 

If we come to Jesus and trust Him with our “cracks and cuts” He will pour His love into the memories of the events that hurt us and bring healing to the feelings and to the damage these life events have caused. And His love is like liquid gold which fills you from the inside and fills all the cracks, nooks, and crannies with the most beautiful result. You no longer have to hide your past, the physical and emotional pain and shame. Instead, you can allow others to see the beautiful work that God has done in your life and rejoice that He has brought healing and freedom into your life. 

We call this giving your testimony. 

It is time to receive His love, allow Him to heal you, and become a beautiful “work of art.”