A Season Of Change

September always seems to bring a fresh wind of the Spirit to the activities of the Church. After the slower summer months people once again enter into a regular flow of life which often includes a regular time in God’s Word, the Bible, and in prayer. As a result, when we meet together there is a renewed sense of God’s presence and a sensing of the Holy Spirit moving in a fresh way. It is like we take a bit of a summer break from the routine and when we come back at things rested and refreshed we are able, even anxious, to discover what God is currently up to and how we can become involved and active in the things of the Kingdom.

We are definitely living in a season when people have lost what little hope they were clinging on to. As we enter the end of year two of Covid and the continual reminder of how fragile life can be, people’s hope for a return to “normal” has faded and, in many cases, is totally absent from every day life. In spite of this – or maybe because of this – I am excited and challenged by all that is going on in the world and the opportunities that are there for us to “give the reason for the hope that we have” as Peter reminds us we must do. I sense hope rising in the heart of God’s people allowing us to face this new season with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm. God is definitely up to something.

In my own personal life I am finding “new life” and a fresh understanding of the Scriptures as I read and meditate on God’s Word. Hardly a day goes by that I do not have a fresh revelation of truth as I read and journal in the early morning hours. My reading of other books and authors has also uncovered new life and the Holy Spirit is definitely directing me to the right book on my shelves at the right time. I buy books on a weekly basis and often have a large stack of books that are waiting to be read. God is definitely guiding me to the right book at the right time and I am excited about what God is showing me and teaching me through my daily time reading and studying.

As I have entered what prophetically has been declared to be the third and last stage of my life and ministry I am definitely seeing major changes in my values and thus my priorities. Things that once seemed to be important are no longer so. And, I am now valuing things that once seemed to have little value in my daily schedule and monthly goals. Things are changing on the inside – on the heart level – and thus values and priorities are certainly not what they use to be.

I am also protecting my time better so as to invest it whenever possible. It seems in hindsight that I have, in the past, often simply spent or worst still wasted my time. No longer. And I seem to have less patience for those who are simply “playing church” and are not wanting to grow, mature, and enter into the fullness of God’s plan for their life and contribute to the life of the local church. The number of relationships I am investing in has shrunk considerably and the number of young men I am discipling and mentoring has also decreased in size as we enter this new season.

A number of years ago I received several words over a 36 month period about writing a book and then writing books. I have never forgotten those words received through the ministry of several well known and respected prophets. And, I have accumulated research on a number of topics that I know the Lord wants me to write on – What it means to be really born again; The Grace of God; The Live-Giving Church; and biblical ways of hearing the voice of God – just to name a few. And, even in this area I now sense excitement and a fresh wind blowing as I feel a need to write and publish many of the things the Lord has shown to me over the last several seasons of ministry and my walk with Him over the past 40+ years. So, I would say there is a fresh wind blowing even in this area and I am making major changes to my daily routine and ministry to allow for more time invested in researching and writing.

It is a great time to be alive as a believer and disciple or follower of Jesus. And I am welcoming the fresh wind of the Spirit in my own life and the season of deep changes in my perspective and daily life as I continue to fulfill God’s current plan and purpose for my life.

I would love to hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about you in this new season and the changes you are sensing are happening or are about to happen in your personal life and ministry. ralph@ralphhoweministries.com