Spiritually Dead Churches

Here are some clues to determine whether your local church is spiritually dead and thus needs to experience either a burial or a resurrection…

They have lost their sense of mission to those who have not heard about Jesus Christ and thus, as individuals making up this local expression of the church, do not weep for the lost or hunger to fulfill the Great Commission. Seeking and saving the lost simply is not on the daily radar. Read more

A Ressurrected Church…

As I preach here and overseas in Eastern Europe I often say that we should stop praying for revival. To revive means to breathe life into that which is dead. If the Church is dead – do what you do with dead things – bury it. And, in this case, then pray for a resurrection. We don’t need a revival – we need an honest-to-goodness resurrection from spiritual death. Jesus said, “If a grain of wheat is planted and dies…”

To resurrect a spiritually dead church so that it becomes the church of my dreams three things need to happen according to Bill Easum… Read more

From a Move of God to a Mausolem

The seven stages of a ‘Move of God’ – From Life to Death

God MOVES upon a person – Seriously touches life with great “implications in (their) life”
Holy Spirit comes and hammers on a person

As is happening today

As seen in some of the stories in “The God Chasers”

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Ten Easy (Sort Of) Steps to Improve Your Weekend Worship Experience

As I travel from church to church and from nation to nation…

Different church services

Amazingly different worship experiences

Tremendously diversified ways to teach-preach

Fellowship that is unique in each local assembly

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Six Signs of a Struggling Church

As an apostle in our Network I visit many member churches as well as “friends” of the Network churches. Sometimes I am there to minister God’s Word through preaching and prophesying. Other times I am there helping the leaders determine the health of their church and how to turn it around so that it will begin to grow again.

These behind-the-scenes apostolic consultations usually look for six signs that a church is or soon will be struggling to stay alive, active, and relevant to the community through its outreach and evangelism strategy. 

Sign #1: We don’t emphasize Bible study anymore: When God’s Word is the not the foundation and the driving force of a church then the church and the people who attend it will inevitably wind up going down the wrong road. A healthy church focuses on, teaches and proclaims the Word of God in each and every activity that they pursue. A lack of deep biblical teaching is one of the most glaring signs of a struggling church.

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Principles for New Christians

1. Read the Word DAILY
A healthy baby has a healthy appetite. If you have truly been “born” of the Spirit of God, you will have a healthy appetite. The Bible says, “As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby,” (1 Peter 2:2). Feed yourself every day without fail. Job said, “I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food,” (Job 23:12). The more you eat, the quicker you will grow, and the less bruising you will have. Speed up the process and save yourself some pain — vow to read God’s Word every day, without fail. Say to yourself, “No Bible, no breakfast. No read, no feed.” Be like Job, and put your Bible before your belly. If you do that, God promises that you will be like a fruitful, strong and healthy tree (see Psalm 1). Each day, find somewhere quiet, and thoroughly soak your soul in the Word of God.

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