How to be Ready for the Sabbath…

1> Before the meeting

  • You need to prepare for Sunday
  • More than clean clothes and something decent to wear
  • We need to get our hearts ready
  • We should not expect a rich spiritual experience on Sunday if we are not willing to prepare our hearts and minds
  • Before you play sports – you warm up your muscles
  • Before a presentation – you review your notes
  • Before a major test – we study

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God’s Model for Manhood

As men we need to understand who God has created us to be and what a MAN OF GOD looks like TODAY

Who they are

  • How God wired them – their motivations
  • What would bring lasting fulfillment
  • How they are suppose to act

What makes a “man after God’s own heart” (David)

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Questions That Could Change Your Life!

Questions about Your Emotions

  * What turns you on in life? What turns you off emotionally?

  * During what situations do you feel most alive or exuberant?

  * Which Bible figures capture your imagination? Why?

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The Thirteen Signs of a Healthy Church

Instead, we must define ourself by the Gospel of the Kingdom and who Jesus says that we are. And, we must look for, find and become part of a church that is built upon the criteria God’s Word gives – again, not on our preferences, what feels comfortable, or what is familiar to us.

So, when looking for a church we can have two lists: A “must-have” list based on the Bible and a “that-would-be-nice” list of qualities that we would like to see but are not essential nor often biblical. Here is my “must-have” list…

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‘Is God Still Talking Today?’

People say to me – “so, you hear God do you?” / Prophecy

Yes – God is still talking today

“How do I know it is God speaking – maybe it is some other voice?”

Maybe it is God, could be the Devil, might be I am simply talking to myself

Matthew 16 – “I am going to Jerusalem and there I will be crucified and raised on the 3rd day (v.21)

Peter, with good intentions, was not happy with Jesus’ comments

“This should not happen to You!” (v.22)

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The Five Basic Purposes For the Church That Jesus is Building

Jesus said, “I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18). He is the builder of the Church and He is building it according to a set pattern and for specific purposes; His pattern and His purposes.

 However, often when planting a new work for the Lord or moving an existing work forward we forget that He is the Builder and that He has very specific plans and purposes for His Church. And, as leaders of His Church we often forget, when pastoring, that He is the One building the work and that His purposes for His Church have not changed.

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The Church That Releases Supernatural Life

This teaching and the chart connected to it are the second in the series. Please read “The Five Basic Purposes for the Church That Jesus Is Building” before reading this article. This is really part two…

 Although Scripture clearly sets out that the Head of the Church – Jesus – had set forth five basic purposes for His Church; in most cases the local church focuses on one or two of these purposes often to the neglect of the other stated reasons for their existence.

There are five purposes for the Church that Jesus said He would build. These are found in the Scriptures and are not negotiable. As it is Jesus who is the Head of the Church and who is building the Church He has determined and declared these five purposes. Read more

Respecting Others

Ever had trouble with people talking about you to others? How about people talking to you about others? Gossip? Heresay? This brochure ‘Respecting Others’ explains in simple terms how to handle these situations. This is a resourceful tool for any age group or situation. If you would like to view a PDF copy of this brochure, please click here . If you have any questions or need furthur help in handling a situation you are facing, please, don’t hesitate to call 306-536-9741.

Working Through Your Prophetic Word

The following link is for a PDF brochure on how to work through your prophetic word biblically and effectively.

Working Through Your Prophetic Word

The Ten Commandments of the 21st Century

Order and structure provide simplicity. Growing up, no meant no. It was not maybe, or later. It was a simple negative, no, that’s it. Stop asking, we are done. The matter is closed. Further asking will lead to discipline. Parents were that way, teachers were that way, and law enforcement was that way. The Ten Commandments were the backbone of societal structure.

In our day of oozing mediocrity, middle of the road livng, stand for nothing, anything goes moral anarchy, the Ten Commandments might look like this:

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