A New Relam of the Prophetic

When I minister prophetically in a local church – the pastor or a leader of the church gives me a list of people they would like me to prophesy over. I call them up one at a time (or as a couple if they are married) and without any indication of what the Lord would have me say I step out in faith and say “the Lord would say…” and hear the prophetic word for them at exactly the same time they hear it. Read more


The Coming Opposition and Then Persecution

I believe it was Dietrich Bonheoffer – a German pastor, seminary professor, and theologian who spoke often about “cheap grace” and “easy believeism”. His concern was that the Christian message was simply not being embraced because we lived with and accepted sin in our life – using the idea of grace to receive forgiveness as the reason why sin in its various forms did not concern us (cheap grace). And that the Christian faith was about taking up our cross daily and living a sacrificial lifestyle so as to invest in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations and people groups around the world. He believed (and I share that belief) that to be a believer and embrace the Christian faith meant willingly embracing sacrifice and being willing to die, if necessary, for what one truly believed. He did die at the hands of Hitler just as World War Two was drawing to a close. Read more


“in Him that we live and move and have our being”

As we begin 2009 – the year of the Lord – I am reminded that it is “in Him that we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28); that He is “the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega” (Revelation 1:8). So, everything we do in this new year must start and end in Him and with Him. We are to start a new year “in Him” and with “Christ in us” and we are called and chosen to walk each day of this new year the same way. Because of this, the good work He has begun in us He will bring to completion (Philippians 1:6). Read more


The Foundations Are Broken or Missing

Today, worldwide, the Church is being held back by the lack of solid, biblical foundations upon which she can then pursue her calling to “make disciples” and to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been built upon the designs of men and has thus become an institution and organization and is no longer a living and breathing, reproducing organism. Read more


The Means Has Become the End – Repent!

The Lord is speaking to His Church today – apostles are prophetically crying out and declaring the Word of the Lord. Few, as of yet, are heeding the Word but it has been and is being released and will accomplish all that the Lord sends it forth to do – not returning to Him void of results (Isaiah 55:11).

The Church (believers) pray for the glory of God to fall upon our assemblies and our worship. Good! But that is simply a means to an end – the end being that as darkness becomes gross darkness (Isaiah 60:1-3) the nations will see the “light” upon the Church and come to know and to worship our God. Too often today believers want the “glory” but simply for themselves so that they can feel that God approves of them and sense the approval of God on their assembly. We have turned the “glory” into an idol as we have also done with revival and the anointing.

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Apostolic Paradigm Changes

As 21st Century apostolic churches emerge (and they will do so quickly), there will be at least four specific paradigm changes taking place within the local church. A paradigm is a model or pattern in which we function and through which we view the Church.

The first apostolic paradigm shift is perhaps the most profound and powerful. It will be a breaking free from the one-man-only paradigm. This paradigm requires all of the church’s marketing efforts and resources to be used in drawing people to a building to be taught by one ascension (doma) gift. In this paradigm there is no sending (apostolic) dimension. Read more


God Is Raising Up Five-fold Evangelists

I believe there is a dramatic change already in progress within the true Church of Jesus Christ in North America. This shift is going to involve everyone – every born again believer. This change will begin in the Charismatic, Spirit-filled side of the Christian Church where it will hit suddenly and with great force – becoming instantly active and bringing new life to the saints. Read more


The Tip of the Iceberg

It seems that almost every week we are hearing of another major name in the ministry who is in trouble in one way or another. Moral failure, divorce, lying and deceiving, addictions – with them going public either because they could no longer live with the tension of a double life and a hypocritical lifestyle or because they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

As I have been praying and seeking the Lord’s heart on this recurring problem – praying and thinking about it – I have heard the Lord say some very specific things

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Imminent Change

My sense from the Lord recently is that He is moving upon His Church to make some major adjustments. These changes will be many and very foundational. As a result of changing the foundation He will be literally changing the look of the Church and the dynamic of life within His Church worldwide.

He will be removing things that are held in high regard – close to sacred – and replacing them with a single focus that is His heart. He will be removing those things which we hold close to our hearts to replace them with THE thing that is on His heart. This is a time, similar to the time of Jeremiah, when the Lord was tearing down and uprooting before a time of building and planting (Jeremiah 1:10). Read more


Radical Revolutionaries

There is arising in the Kingdom what is sometimes referred to as the Benjamin Generation. (Some refer to it as the Joshua Generation). This is a generation of youth who will lead a radical revolution within the Church which will overflow into society eventually impacting the whole planet.

This radical revolution will begin in their own lives and will involve a deep, penetrating repentance for sin. This radical repentance will come from the very depth of their souls and will be so immediately life-changing that it will revolutionize their lives – marking them forever as Radical Revolutionaries. It will be accomplished without hype or excessive emotion and will permanently mark those involved as being set apart for the Lord and the work of the Last Days Church.

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