The Gospel (by Eric Ludy)

An incredible video showing the fullness of the “power of the gospel unto salvation for all who truly believe”


12 Principles of Supernatural Harvesting – Part Two

We were looking at the 12 principles of supernatural harvesting (of souls) as we evangelize using the gifts of the Holy Spirit received when we were baptized in the Holy Spirit

We can use many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of others so as to present the Gospel of the Kingdom to them…

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12 Principles of Supernatural Harvesting – Part One

Jesus said: “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” Mark 1:17

If you are following Jesus, you should be catching fish.

God is going to cause you to be an attractive magnet, a supernatural fishing net, to see the fish come in Read more

Five Things God Never Said

There are a number of wrong impressions being given by those of us who minister to the saints on a Sunday from the pulpit. As well, all of us as we minister to people who are both born again and who have not yet crossed the line of faith are also giving, at times, the wrong impression.

GOD NEVER SAID #1: If you don’t know the date you were saved, then you are not saved.

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I’m Not a Christian but I’m Coming to Your Church This Sunday

I’m not a Christian, but I’ve finally made the decision to come to your church this Sunday. Here’s what you need to know about me.

Okay, I’m not a Christian, but I’ve finally made the decision to come to your church this Sunday. Read more

What Evangelism Is Not

If we’re not cautious and clear, a sloppy definition of missions and evangelism will destroy renewal efforts.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee. (BP)–The Great Commission Resurgence proposals within the Southern Baptist Convention have reminded us of the high priority of evangelism and local/global missions. The same is true of many denominations across the theological spectrum of beliefs as Christian leaders worldwide seek to regain strongholds of spiritual influence in North America and Europe. However, unless we’re cautious and clear, a sloppy, imprecise definition of missions and evangelism will destroy renewal efforts. Let’s define evangelism by what it is not and then by what it is.

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Overcoming Fear in Witnessing

John 7:10-13

Our life should be a living witness…but we haven’t FULLY COMPLETED our witness until we open our mouth and speak. That is hard, but necessary, as we are called to share “the actual WORDS of the gospel.” 

Romans 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher (witness)?

People need to do more than see a believer live according to the Bible – they need to hear the actual words of the Gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus came to preach.

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You shall not bear false witness – The 9th Commandment

I’ve always been interested in church mission statements. They can range from typical (“…to know him and make him known”) to transformational (“We strive to proclaim the Good News of Christ through worship, ministry, and outreach missions”). As I think about it, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a church’s mission statement that doesn’t make evangelism a central priority in one way or another.

But when it comes to evangelism, a mission statement can turn from big black letters on a church marquee to a little white lie that the church is telling the community. Strike that…it’s a big lie. If a church claims to be making evangelism a central priority and the people in that church are not actively sharing their faith, then the mission statement of that church is not just a joke; it’s a lie.

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Modern Technology and Evangelism

In today’s world, the use of technology is rampant, and now more than ever, people are using it to communicate, especially young people. Most days I will spend an hour or more text messaging young people all over the world – building relationships, teaching, training, and evangelizing. Texting is the mode of communicating for teens and twenty to thirty age groups. E-mails are for the older generations.

Whether we like it or not, whether you are flowing in this stream of communication or not, it is becoming more and more important to learn how to reach people via an additional medium: the Internet, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging. Some ways of going about that might appear somewhat obvious, for instance, writing blogs about evangelism. However, here are some more helpful ideas below on how to use the internet to evangelize…

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Are Mass Evangelism Efforts Effective?

Some people question the value of mass evangelism efforts and even wonder if they don’t do more harm than good. There are several answers to that question but the bottom line is “It depends how they’re done.”

Mass evangelism efforts that are most effective are those that are bathed in prayer, the gospel is made crystal clear, and someone begins to disciple new converts once a week for 8 weeks, one-on-one. When those things are done, I could testify to many mass evangelism efforts that have been very effective. Unfortunately though, many times they are not characterized by the above three that I just mentioned. Read more