Prophetic Word

Have you ever received a prophetic word – when the Lord spoke to you directly through the ministry of another believer, a prophet, or an apostle? Have you heard directly from the Lord about His plans and His purpose for your life right now and in the years to come? Read more


Every true believer is a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Being born again is simply the beginning of a process called discipleship. Everyone needs to be discipled to become a mature disciple of the Lord. This means everyone needs to connect to someone more mature than they are who is willing to teach, train, lead and guide them into greater maturity. Who is discipling you?  Read more

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

I admit it – I drink a lot of coffee. I sit for many hours at a desk and drink coffee; I drive many thousands of kilometers a month and drink coffee; I meet with people in coffee shops and drink coffee; I attend many meetings and drink coffee. I drink a lot of coffee.  Read more

How’s Your Prayer Life?

Have you prayed today? Did you pray yesterday? And the day before? Is your prayer life based on your needs, your emergencies, and the most current crisis? Do you pray only when it is convenient or is there actually some daily discipline in your prayer life? Read more

Under Construction

Every believer is “under construction.” We are all on a journey becoming more like Jesus each and every day. God designed this journey we are on and His plan is that we never walk alone on this wonderful trip from now to eternity. The Church is a group of people who, like Abraham, are on a journey. We know the destination is Heaven so the fun is found as we grow on the journey … Read more

The Emphasis in the Kingdom

The emphasis in the Kingdom today is on discipleship. All of a sudden it seems the Church has awakened to the fact that the Lord commanded His people to “go into all the world and make disciples.” In every nation the emphasis is turning to discipleship. Books, conferences, Tweets, emails, blogs, postings on the web – are all focusing on this area of discipleship. Read more

Five-Fold Ministers

As a local church family we believe in the fivefold ministry of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher (Ephesians 4:11). We believe that the apostle and prophet are keys to a strong and healthy biblically sound church. Jesus is building His Church and doing so on the foundation of apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:20).  Read more

The Lord’s Supper

Things can become so familiar that they lose any real sense of meaning and purpose. The Lord’s Supper can, regretfully, be one of those “things.” For many of us we have been celebrating this ‘meal’ for many years on a monthly or even more frequent basis and so it can become simply something we do.
Read more

Touching Lives Through Ministry

This past weekend I watched as God touched many, many lives. I was honored to minister to about 200 people on Sunday morning in Ohio and then to 20 very hungry and excited youth on Sunday evening. This among many other meetings and appointments that I was involved in during my trip to the Buckeye state. Powerful times in the presence of the Lord. Read more

Good Books

I spent a day recently moving a full cord of wood from where it had been dumped on the street during an 8:00a delivery… Because it was “on the street” I knew I needed to move it all to the back of the house before the day was over. There is a lot of wood in a full cord; a lot of wood. I spent most of the day moving the wood finishing just before supper.  Read more