It’s Good to be Home

It is good to be home – both home in the physical sense able to sleep in my own bed – but home in a spiritual sense and able to fellowship and worship with my spiritual family. You are greatly missed when I travel and minister elsewhere on a weekend.  Read more

Every Paul needs a Timothy

Pictured to the left is Bill Lewis who is my mentor and who leads on the churches I work with on a regular basis in Ohio in the United States. My next trip to minister in two churches will be in July, 2013. While with him ministering, teaching, meeting with people, trouble shooting, prophesying I watch him very closely and learn from him. While I minister to his people I am being ministered to by him. Read more

Wild Stallion

God is looking for some wild stallions who are willing to run with Him in 2013. He is looking for those whose hearts are loyal to Him and open to working with Him. He will show Himself strong, mighty and powerful to those whose hearts and lives are open to obeying and following Him  regardless of the cost.  Read more

Supernatural Power

2013 is promising to be different than previous years. I believe that this new year, for the Church of Jesus Christ, will be a time of experiencing and walking in supernatural power. Every believer who is baptized in the Holy Spirit has received power to be an effective witness for Jesus (Acts 1:8). Most Spirit-filled believers simply have never been equipped to walk in this power. This is the year.  Read more

Happy New Year

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and to remind you that it is the Year of the Lord 2013. The year belongs to the Lord as does every one of the 365 days within the year. And, He is the One who gives to us the “gift of life” one day at a time. That is all we can be certain of – today! The number of our days are in His hands and only He knows how many days each of us will have upon the earth. Read more

How Do You Celebrate?

I really tire of the way Christmas is celebrated. There is so much that occupies our attention – all of it additions to an already busy daily and weekly schedule of regular life. Added on to our regular hectic life we have the Christmas tree, Christmas calendars, Christmas sales, Christmas gifts, Christmas concerts, Christmas vacations, Christmas parties, Christmas worship services, and Christmas meals with various people. Did I miss any? Read more

Life After Death

God and our Lord and Savior. As He began His ministry He boldly declared that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Bible states that in Him was life and that He is Life to all those who find Him. As His disciples He gives to us abundant life now and, if we have a personal relationship with Him and are born again, life in Heaven with Him when we die. Read more

They Pray for You

This is Pastor Alexander, one of many pastors we are working with and meeting with. This is at the start of a service in his church. He holds church in an unfinished quonset-type building, no insulation, and little heat. Most of the services were jacket and gloves so we could all stay relatively warm. No one complains, everyone worships with their whole heart, and the journals come out as soon as the teaching starts. They are really hungry for all of God and wanting to know everything there is to know. And, they are so thankful, so so thankful for everything. Read more

Around the World

Around the world young people are standing up and stepping out to do the will of the Father going into all the nations and making disciples. This is the call on all believers and it is good to see these young people moving forward to answer God’s call. They are open and ready to be discipled, trained and equipped. Some are being mentored although true “fathers” are hard to find and so some have not been able to find someone to mentor them. Read more

Trick or Treat?

This is the front door decoration of one of my neighbors – the door I see many times a day as my office window overlooks the front yard of this home. It is one of many homes decorated in my neighborhood and actually one of the “calmest” of all of them. They are celebrating Halloween – now the second largest money-making holiday season in North America. Read more