Have You Exercised Lately?

Too many Christians are so busy with life and, yes, even with ministry, that they don’t take time to develop their spiritual life. This is a fatal mistake because you can’t give what you don’t have. So, if you are not a strong Christian – you will not be able to help others become strong as believers. If you are not alive – others you help won’t come alive. If you are not an active and dynamic disciple of the Lord you will not be able to “go into all the world and make (active and dynamic) disciples.

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Your Attitude Makes a Difference

A long time ago I learned from one of my mentors that attitude makes a big difference in life. He taught me that my attitude towards life, although shaped by many different aspects in my past, my current situation in life, as well my hope for the  future – really boiled down to a choice I needed to make on a daily basis. Read more

Power from the Holy Spirit

God has given us power – His power when the Holy Spirit came upon us and we were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gifts of private tongues and prophecy. Power to do as He calls us to do – reach out to those who are in need and touch them supernaturally and powerfully.

This power is also to enable us to seek and save the lost. God will heal and deliver those who are unbelievers and skeptics because He wants to demonstrate that Jesus is alive and that Jesus cares. He does this through each of us – if we will let Him. Read more

It’s Time to Choose

As the Holy Spirit continues to shake all that can be shaken within the visible Church which, of course, includes both the true church and the false church – we see three sets of Christians. Last week we looked at the Church and saw four distinct sets or groups of believers. Today, looking at the same members, we can see three totally distinct groups as we look through apostolic glasses this time. Read more

What Kind of Christian Are You?

There are four kinds of Christians that are appearing on the radar screen as I travel from nation to nation and from church to church… Three of the four are being shaken in the season we are currently in. God is shaking His Church and many are coming to realize that something is wrong in their walk with the Lord. God is awaking them so that they will come to realize that they are in need of being renewed spiritually in this new season. Read more

What’s that Noise?!

There is some tremendous new music being written by young people around the world. Music is always a driving force in the spirit realm which is why the devil owns so much of the music we hear. As well, new music always precedes a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit has begun to bring major change to God’s people – the Church – you see a literal flood of new songs leading the way into the future.

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Healing and Restoration

Around the world the Holy Spirit is moving and healing those who come to the Great Physician for healing. Often these are non-believers whom God touches and heals so that they realize that Jesus is Lord and He is alive and still ministering today through His Church – through true believers who obey His command to “lay hands on the sick and watch them recover (Mark 16).

Jesus is healing not just physical diseases but also healing those who are in need of a healing touch in their minds, their emotions, their spiritual life, as well as relationally. He is healing and restoring people, getting their attention, and revealing Himself to them so that they will cross the line of faith in His Kingdom and follow Jesus as true disciples. Read more

The Value of Youth

Young people are so important to God and He is moving in very special ways upon the youth of today around the world.

Here in our city I meet with young people every day. They are amazing, always interesting and filled with questions about Jesus and what is happening today in the world and how it all fits with what the Bible states. These are non-Christians. The same is true in Oxbow, Moose Jaw, Wolseley, Regina Beach and other towns and cities that I travel to. These young people and young couples are hungry for reality and an authentic faith that works in the world. A faith that helps them to face a real world and deal with complex issues that they face and feel every day.

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Time To Talk Jesus

Early Saturday morning and very cool out still for this time of the year. A busy day ahead – half in the office and the other part in various coffee shops around the city. Regular Saturday routine.

I plan to also take my dog for a few walks – again, a normal part of every day. There is a man with a cane I have been building a relationship with daily as he too walks his dog. Today I want to mention Jesus.

As well, I have neighbors who has just put their house up for sale who I want to speak to (I know them from dog walking as they too have one of man’s best friends). As well, three doors down from them there is a U-Haul on the front lawn and so finally my new neighbors are moving in as that house sold several months ago. Time to talk Jesus.

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