Are you in the Priesthood?

The Bible talks about “the priesthood of all believers” and makes no division between clergy and laity. We are all ministers of the Gospel, ambassadors of the Lord Jesus, and empowered to walk supernaturally in the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere I go I disciple, train and equip believers – young and old – to minister to one   another. This is the work of an apostle. I focus on teaching them to speak the heart of God to others – both saved and unsaved – because prophecy changes people’s lives permanently. Even praying for the sick is done prophetically. Read more

Listen and Obey

Listening intently to the teaching of God’s Word with hearts open and ready to obey – this couple heard the Lord speak to them and tell them that they were to move. Both have jobs in Almaty, Kazakhstan. They have just finished building a beautiful home and moving in. Thy have three young children. Thy speak little to no English. But, as seen here at a leadership school they are hungry to hear and obey. They have open and ready hearts. Open to hearing God and ready to obey. Read more

Making Disciples

One of the major changes we will see in the Church around the world in the near future comes directly from the teachings and example of the Head of the Church – Jesus Christ Himself.

Today, leaders in churches spend their time doing so many different things and need to, therefore, be good at doing a variety of very different ministries. Jesus, on the other hand, spent the bulk of His time doing two things with His disciples – modeling faith and equipping them to be true disciples and thus to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Everyone is called to ministry and Jesus saw ministry and thus the role of every disciple to be that of radically transforming the hearts and minds of people. There are two classic texts explaining this view of ministry – Matthew 28:18-19 and John 21:16 Read more

Stop Making Things Complicated

The Christian faith is fairly simple and straightforward. In my mind we often complicate things way too much and too often. Religion is complicated; the Christian faith is simple – profound, deep, often difficult, but simple.

Here is what I mean… for me, loving God means loving people, and loving people means making a difference for God. Read more

Have You Exercised Lately?

Too many Christians are so busy with life and, yes, even with ministry, that they don’t take time to develop their spiritual life. This is a fatal mistake because you can’t give what you don’t have. So, if you are not a strong Christian – you will not be able to help others become strong as believers. If you are not alive – others you help won’t come alive. If you are not an active and dynamic disciple of the Lord you will not be able to “go into all the world and make (active and dynamic) disciples.

Read more

Your Attitude Makes a Difference

A long time ago I learned from one of my mentors that attitude makes a big difference in life. He taught me that my attitude towards life, although shaped by many different aspects in my past, my current situation in life, as well my hope for the  future – really boiled down to a choice I needed to make on a daily basis. Read more

Power from the Holy Spirit

God has given us power – His power when the Holy Spirit came upon us and we were baptized in the Holy Spirit and received the gifts of private tongues and prophecy. Power to do as He calls us to do – reach out to those who are in need and touch them supernaturally and powerfully.

This power is also to enable us to seek and save the lost. God will heal and deliver those who are unbelievers and skeptics because He wants to demonstrate that Jesus is alive and that Jesus cares. He does this through each of us – if we will let Him. Read more

It’s Time to Choose

As the Holy Spirit continues to shake all that can be shaken within the visible Church which, of course, includes both the true church and the false church – we see three sets of Christians. Last week we looked at the Church and saw four distinct sets or groups of believers. Today, looking at the same members, we can see three totally distinct groups as we look through apostolic glasses this time. Read more

What Kind of Christian Are You?

There are four kinds of Christians that are appearing on the radar screen as I travel from nation to nation and from church to church… Three of the four are being shaken in the season we are currently in. God is shaking His Church and many are coming to realize that something is wrong in their walk with the Lord. God is awaking them so that they will come to realize that they are in need of being renewed spiritually in this new season. Read more

What’s that Noise?!

There is some tremendous new music being written by young people around the world. Music is always a driving force in the spirit realm which is why the devil owns so much of the music we hear. As well, new music always precedes a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit has begun to bring major change to God’s people – the Church – you see a literal flood of new songs leading the way into the future.

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