Disciples = Soul Winners

Jesus said that we, as His disciples, are to follow Him and He would make us into soul winners. Jesus said that His disciples, as soul winners, are to go into all the world and reproduce – make more disciples. In fact, His command is to go into every nation (really ethnic and language group) for the purpose of planting the Gospel of the Kingdom so that He can build His Church. This is not an option but is literally the only reason the Church as an community of faith exists. This is our mandate as the true Church that Jesus is building.

The Church’s focus is shifting from just “gathering” to “gathering and scattering.” ‘Gathering’ to be trained and equipped and then ‘scattering’ or moving out into our neighborhoods and even the world reaching others for Jesus – making disciples as He commanded each of us to do.

Our focus is to encourage you to grow in your relationship with the Lord and become strong disciples reaching out to touch the lives of others with God’s love as found only in Jesus. Then, as people respond, to see them become born again and then discipled (by you) into strong followers and fishers of men. Disciples!

Transformational Disciples

Around the world there is an emerging group of true believers in the Lord Jesus. These are men and women, often young, who are what I call “Transformational Disciples.” They are the ones who are rising to the challenge of “going into all the world and making disciples…” They are demonstrating the Great Commandment to love God with your total being by carrying out the Great Commission. After all, Jesus said that if we love Him we will obey Him and He was the One who sent His disciples into the world to seek and save the lost. Read more

A Spiritual Hired Gun

One of the great heresies experienced by Christianity is the unwritten belief that the call of God is reserved mostly for the “clergy.” When I felt called into the ministry – it was assumed that most people who felt called would enter some form of full-time Christian service. This usually meant that they would become a pastor or priest because this was the only form of “ministry” available in most religious structures. Very few people or leaders understood that every disciple of the Lord is called to full-time ministry – most working out that ministry where He has called them to earn a living – in the marketplace. Everyone just understood that “real” ministry belonged to the ‘paid professionals.’

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The one that did not get away - a 1500 Kilogram (3300 pounds) fish from the Black Sea - Russia caught during one of Ralph’s visits

We Are Ambassadors

We are called, as disciples of the Lord, to become FISHERS OF MEN. This is not an option open to us where we can accept or decline the offer. This is a fact of being a disciple.  Jesus said, “Follow Me and I will make you a fisher of men.”  If we are not fishing then we are not following. Plain and simple. Read more

The Experience That Changes Everything

Hearing and answering a call from God is the most awesome, life-changing moment a human being ever experiences. No one is ever the same again. Not only is the person changed, but also the way that person goes about exercising his or her faith undergoes radical transformation.  And, every disciple of the Lord is called to ministry. Every disciple has a ministry that God has planned for them since before they were saved. Read more

As Jesus Prayed…

As Jesus was facing His own death by crucifixion He withdrew to pray. This “High Priestly Prayer” or, in my mind, the real “Lord’s Prayer” is found in John 17. You simply cannot ignore it if you want to understand how to survive and even thrive in these times of change as Jesus shakes and removes everything that is hindering His life from flowing and transforming lives. Read more

Transformational Christians

God today is looking for tranformational Christians – disciples who are channged and charged on a daily basis and who want to change the world. Changing the world has always been Jesus’ intention and He does so by changing the hearts of people one at a time as His people walk in power by obeying the Great Commission and going into their daily world giving hope to the people they meet – the same hope that is in their lives and that makes them attractive and different. Read more

Are you in the Priesthood?

The Bible talks about “the priesthood of all believers” and makes no division between clergy and laity. We are all ministers of the Gospel, ambassadors of the Lord Jesus, and empowered to walk supernaturally in the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere I go I disciple, train and equip believers – young and old – to minister to one   another. This is the work of an apostle. I focus on teaching them to speak the heart of God to others – both saved and unsaved – because prophecy changes people’s lives permanently. Even praying for the sick is done prophetically. Read more

Listen and Obey

Listening intently to the teaching of God’s Word with hearts open and ready to obey – this couple heard the Lord speak to them and tell them that they were to move. Both have jobs in Almaty, Kazakhstan. They have just finished building a beautiful home and moving in. Thy have three young children. Thy speak little to no English. But, as seen here at a leadership school they are hungry to hear and obey. They have open and ready hearts. Open to hearing God and ready to obey. Read more

Making Disciples

One of the major changes we will see in the Church around the world in the near future comes directly from the teachings and example of the Head of the Church – Jesus Christ Himself.

Today, leaders in churches spend their time doing so many different things and need to, therefore, be good at doing a variety of very different ministries. Jesus, on the other hand, spent the bulk of His time doing two things with His disciples – modeling faith and equipping them to be true disciples and thus to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Everyone is called to ministry and Jesus saw ministry and thus the role of every disciple to be that of radically transforming the hearts and minds of people. There are two classic texts explaining this view of ministry – Matthew 28:18-19 and John 21:16 Read more