Transformational Christians

God today is looking for transformational Christians – disciples who are channged and charged on a daily basis and who want to change the world. Changing the world has always been Jesus’ intention and He does so by changing the hearts of people one at a time as His people walk in power by obeying the Great Commission and going into their daily world giving hope to the people they meet – the same hope that is in their lives and that makes them attractive and different.

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Involved and Hectic Lives

We all live very involved and hectic lives. Most people today are busier than they really want to be and so find little quality time to be by themselves and reflect on what is happening in their life and in their own heart. Quiet and times of solitude are rare indeed and for many are a thing of the past. Read more

Open and Hungry Hearts

It is amazing what God is doing in all of the nations of the world. He is moving in similar ways and is seriously implementing His apostolic plans for the Church that He is building. No matter what the leader’s ‘religious’ background if he is hungry for God then God moves on him and His church bringing them into His plans and purposes for the times and the season we are in. Read more

There’s No Place Like Home

I have done a great deal of travelling in the past two weeks. I have travelled many miles by plane, train and car. I have spend days in transit moving from one country to another and from one city to another including my first 20 hour train ride on the famous Trans-Siberian Railroad.     Read more

Calling All Pastors

Over the years that I have been involved in the Church if a person felt “called to the ministry” they went either to Bible school or seminary to prepare for the work of the ministry. And, of course, often the only ministry that was available for them to take upon themselves when they graduated was that of a pastor.

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Leadership Is Essential

If a church is going to make the changes necessary to walk into the future that Jesus is creating for His people then it will need the right type of leadership. Leadership is the key to change and moving into God’s future and leaders are essential for a proper transition in this season of shaking and change. There are the right leaders and then there are leaders whose leadership style simply won’t enable to transition needed … Let’s look at a few and see if they are suitable for the call of God upon His people today.

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Transformational Disciples Part 3

We are looking at Transformational Disciples. And we have seen that there are three types: Adaptive, Breakthrough, and Apostolic. Last time we looked at the first two and today we will briefly look at the Apostolic type of the Transformational Disciple that Jesus is raising up.

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Transformational Disciples Part 2

God is looking for Transformational Disciples and He is finding them in nation after nation around the world. Often they are very young in their mid-teens to early twenties but God looks at their hearts and sees loyal disciples who believe in the cause of the Kingdom and draws them to Himself. These Transformational Disciples fall into three categories: Adaptive, breakthrough, and apostolic. All three categories have the common traits we looked at last time.

Let’s look at each one separately and see what we find.

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Defenders of the Faith

The Church is being shaken by the Lord and all non-essentials are being removed. All religious and historical junk is being removed (Hebrews 12:25-27 The Message Version). All that is now in His Church that is not of the Lord will be revealed and removed – removed and destroyed. This is to allow the bare essentials to remain and to be seen. Read more

Every Member a Minister

Ralph Howe Ministries recognizes that every member is a minister and all disciples of the Lord have a call upon their lives to bring the power of the Gospel to others. We also recognize that in ministry there are three types of people… Those who watch it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened. Read more