Discipleship, Discipleship, Discipleship!

Every believer needs to be discipled. Each one of us needs someone to encourage us, teach us, share our life with us, hold us accountable, lead us, and generally help us to grow and mature and become all that God wants us to be and then do all that He wants us to do for Him. Read more

Engage Your Culture – Building Relationships

One of the most profound things about Jesus which is often overlooked is that He hung around for 30 years without planting a church or starting a small group. He was just there living a regular life. Though He was labelled a friend of sinners during His normal period of ministry for hanging out with certain groups of people, the truth is that Jesus spent His entire life becoming friends with sinners. He knew His cultural and societal context by name and face.  This is what it means to be incarnational. Read more

The Apostolic Flow – Part One

Often when considering a church plant those involved do one of two things. They either announce that they are starting a church and advertise this fact thus attracting disconnected and often disgruntled believers together to form the base of the new work. Or, they send out a launch team from a local church comprised of a few families willing to do what it takes to begin a new work. Either way you are beginning a church with a church. Read more

Back to the Basics – a Serious and Desperate Need

Around the world leaders are coming to realize that they are being asked by the Holy Spirit to go back to the basics – and, as they do, they are realizing that they must go even more basic than they first though “basic” would be.

In a recent unscheduled supper conversation in an airport in Moscow I was speaking with 2 leaders of a very large network of churches that is being shaken to its foundations by the Holy Spirit. These two key leaders and I have had numerous conversations over the last 18 months about “the basic” and it was evident that they had just had a major revelation of how basic “the basics” can really be.

Read more

So, Where is the Power?

So, where is the power? That’s a question I am often asked. It’s a good question. Here is a better one: Why is it that many disciples seem to be missing power in their lives and yet others apparently walk in it every day? Why do some see miracles, signs and wonders and move in supernatural power and others don’t? Is God playing favorites or has He just generally turned the switch to “off” in some locations? Read more

Missional or Maintenance

It is important to understand that in the change that Jesus is bringing to His Church we will see an apostolic presence in each and every church that He is building. This does not mean each local church will have a resident apostle as there are simply not yet that many trained and released. However, each will have an “apostolic presence” where apostles have influence and input by remaining in good relationships with the elders that are in place. Read more

The Missional Church

One of the things we need to come to understand in this current season of shaking going on in the Church is the idea of being “missional.” Missional is not a form of church. It is a label we give to the qualitative or descriptive aspect of how a church actually lives. It is about how much like Jesus the people of the Church become and how muck they influence, woo, and transform the culture in which they are placed. Read more

Go Big!

I believe that God is building expectation into the hearts and lives of true disciples. Those who are hungry for God and want to be involved in whatever He is doing today, regardless of the personal cost, are sensing an excitement and deep expectation. Something is happening and we sense it. As the shaking continues so that all manmade religious and traditional junk is shaken loose and removed – God is beginning to plant expectation, anticipation, even excitement into the hearts of His people. Read more

Are You Bored?

Someone once said, “In the absence of vision, pettiness prevails.” In other words, when someone is bored, he or she will start critiquing, judging, making problems and consuming time. Often they will go out for coffee with others who also lack vision and are doing nothing and together they will build mountains out of molehills. Apparently they have nothing better to do with their time and energy because they have no vision as to what the Lord is doing and thus what should be important. Read more

Hungry for God

God is looking for a people who are hungry for more of Him; people who are not satisfied with what is and want more. He is looking for people who will pay the price to have more – whatever it might be.

He is not looking for people who have all the answers and are self-reliant and have it made, so-to-speak. He is looking for those who are humble, hungry and willing to do whatever it takes to know Him more and become more like Him. Recently in Russia at a rehab center where many are living with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and hope – I was amazed at the hunger of those involved in 3 days of Bible teaching and training. Coffee breaks, meals, before and after sessions … these young men and women were looking for more. Read more