Waynesburg, Ohio

Waynesburg is a village in Stark County, Ohio, United States. The population was 923 at the 2010 census, a decrease from 1,003 in 2000. It is part of the Canton–Massillon Metropolitan Statistical Area. Read more

The Nation of Syria


Syrian Arab Republic

  • Population – 22.5 millionsyria1
  • Capital – City of Damascus (2.5 million)
    • Other cities in the news:
    • Aleppo (3 million)
    • Hims (1 million)
    • Population Statistics
    • Living in cities – 55%
    • Under the age of 15 – 35%
    • Life expectancy – 74 years

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The nation still has freedom of religion, but rapid secularization and pluralization are taking place at every level, inexorably changing the relationship between society and religion in general. On average 20% of Canadians state that they are non-religious; Catholicism is the largest religion in Canada and also growing more quickly than other segments of the population due to many of the immigrants entering the country annually are Catholics. Muslims are also growing quickly but still account for only 3% of the population. Buddhists make up 1.10% of the population.  Read more



  • 3% of 1 million square miles is arable land and can be usedegy2
  • 86 million people
  • Capital: Cairo (12 million)
  • Bible city: Alexandria (4.5 million)
  • City dwellers – 43%
  • Population under 15 – 32%
  • Life expectance – 70 years
  • Mlitary Rule
  • People live on about 5% of our current average income
  • but people see this…

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The Nation of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Neighbour to:
    • Turkey
    • Iraq
    • Armenia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Turkmenistan
    • Afghanistan
    • Pakistan

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Republic of Kazakhstan


  • 2.7 million square miles
  • World’s 9th largest country
  • Dominates Central Asia
  • East and west trade routes all pass through Kazakhstan
  • Much of the country is semi-desert
  • Coal and oil in the north / coal in the south

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The Nation of Turkey


  • 779,452 square kilometres
  • Straddles two continents – Europe and Asia
  • Controls two vital sea links between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Politically very important throughout history due to location

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General Information:

Capital city: Yerevan (and largest city)

Official language(s): Armenian

Ethnic groups: 97.9% Armenian, 1.3% Yazidis, 0.5% Russian, 0.3% others

Major Relgion: Christianity

Population: 3,262,200 (2010 estimate)

Currency: Dram

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Underground Scripture Smugglers Target Middle Eastern Nations

How do people in Middle Eastern countries where it is illegal to possess a Bible—countries where being caught with one could mean prison or death—get their hands on the Word of God? It’s not easy. It’s even dangerous.

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