Captive In Iran

I just finished reading (in three sittings) a book called “Captive In Iran.” I work with Iranian Christians in the country of Armenia so my heart is with them as are my prayers. I stay in touch with Iranian believers on a regular basis. They have a fantastic faith and stand against so many odds and yet remain faithful and fruitful.

The book is the story of Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh who were detained for almost a year in Evin Prison in Tehran. This is known to be one of the worst prisons on the earth. No official charges we declared against them for many, many months. Their first lawyer ended up in the same prison. The second one took months to just receive permission to visit with them. They were treated worse than animals and yet witnessed for the Lord and shared the love of God every day of their incarceration. Their only crime – telling others about the real Jesus (not the Muslim Jesus) and passing out New Testaments when someone asked for one (and sometimes when they didn’t). These actions were punishable by death. They were willing to die for their faith due to their intense love relationship with the Lord Jesus. Thy refused the many opportunities they had to renounce their faith and simply walk free of the horror of their prison. Instead they witnesses to other inmates and literally started a church within the prison system.

They were finally set free and moved to the United States. This was the result of God’s hand on their lives. They should have died for their faith within the prison. However, due to the prayers of believers around the world, several international Christian organizations pressuring the Iranian government, and the many letters that individual believers wrote the government of Iran they were set free.

A great book and one that is hard to put down once you start reading… learn more about those who suffer for their faith and are members of your family – the Christian family. Be an informed disciple of Jesus and pray accordingly.

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  1. Karen C
    Karen C says:

    Started reading this book and its so hard to put down.
    If reading this doesn’t stir your heart, might I suggest CPR?


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