The nation still has freedom of religion, but rapid secularization and pluralization are taking place at every level, inexorably changing the relationship between society and religion in general. On average 20% of Canadians state that they are non-religious; Catholicism is the largest religion in Canada and also growing more quickly than other segments of the population due to many of the immigrants entering the country annually are Catholics. Muslims are also growing quickly but still account for only 3% of the population. Buddhists make up 1.10% of the population. 

Prayer for Canada

  • For born again believers to learn how to effectively connect with their culture and society and show the general population that the true Christian faith is relevant and vital to life today
  • For churches to learn how to train and equip believers to effectively reach out and share Jesus as they go about their daily lives – at home, work and play.
  • For church leaders to begin to equip and train their members to move in power and fully proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom through words and deeds, supernatural signs and wonders
  • The reestablishment of prayer for the lost… prayer with missions as it focus. The Christian influence has seen a long, sustained decline in Canadian society, not just in numbers but also in public presence. This has happened for two main reasons:
    • An increased and deliberate pluralization and secularization of society.The non-religious population has made the greatest gains in recent years, but other religions are also growing rapidly through immigration and high birthrates. As with several other western nations, biblical Christianity faces significant antipathy from the media and popular culture.
    • A failure of relevance, morals, and theological and spiritual dynamism in the Church. Protestants and Anglicans together numbered 45% in 1950, but are now only 11%. In each denomination, the degree of theological liberalization – especially in the mainline United Church and in Anglicanism – has generally coincided with the rate of decline. In other words, the less they preached the Bible and believed God’s Word the more people left…most not joining other churches on leaving.

On the positive side, this fading of Christendom has trimmed the “deadwood” from churches, but it still reflects a sad decline in the influence of the Gospel in Canada. 

Important to note:

  • Born Again Christians represented 25% of the population in 1900, but less than 8% today. This percentage is still, it seems, in decline.
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