Breaking Free – Part Two


Yesterday we began our look at breaking free from fear and the idol of safety… And we saw that we need to stop saying no to everything just because it is scary. Today, let’s look at the second step to overcoming our hunger for being safe, secure, and comfortable.

2> Start praying some dangerous prayers

The most dangerous prayer you will ever pray is, “Thy will be done.” Jesus prayed this prayer. You and I need to learn how to pray dangerous prayers more often. Once we pray it, we need to start listening for the call of God in our lives and then act on what God tells us. Remember, prayer is not a way for us to get what we want from God. Prayer is our way of discovering God’s plan for our life and then beginning to walk in it. He is not here to serve us – we are here to serve Him.

So, When you pray this dangerous pray you will need to listen. Long ago I remember saying to God that I was bored with my prayer life … or prayer death, as it really did not have much life. Two out of three mornings I would find myself falling asleep and getting nothing out of my time with the Lord. So, I told Him how bored I was. And, His answer was, “You think you are bored.” So, I asked Him what I should do. And His answer was blunt and real: “Sit down shut up, and listen first!” I have been doing that ever since.

Think about it… He is God and we are not. We were saved by responding to His love. “While we were yet sinners He sent His Son to die for us” (Romans 5:23). He initiated and we responded. Then, once saved, we initiate and expect Him to respond. That’s backwards. Worse, that is walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit. Paul writes to the Galatians and says, “You foolish (real Greek word is ‘stupid’) Galatians. Having begun in the Spirit, why are you now trying to fulfill things in the flesh?” Good question! And we could ask ourselves the same question. We got saved by responding to His initiative. Then we turn it around and expect Him to respond to our initiative in prayer.

When you sit down and shut up and listen – you will hear Him. And, then you pray (talk) to Him about the things He shared with you. Now you are discussing His Word, His will. And, 1 John 5 tells us that if we ask according to His Word and His will we are guaranteed that He will answer … So, really, as believers and disciples, we should see all of our prayers answered. However, that only happens if we listen before we speak and respond when spoken to.

Try it – you might like it. And, remember, He will speak to you of big things that He has planned for you and Him to do together. As you speak to Him about these plans and His purpose for your life you will be “praying dangerous prayers.”

And, of course, because He is your Heavenly Father He already knows what you have need of and will make sure your needs are met. So, at the end of your listening-responding time with Him, simply thank Him that all your needs are going to be met.

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