Breakfast Meeting and Travel Day

Monday morning and just finished a debriefing meeting with the pastor and his wife. I am now enjoying a third cup of coffee sitting on the patio as the weather is great here. Then a bit of packing and heading to the airport – Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. Home by 10:00p local time tonight. I have a good book to finish and a second one to read so the time will be well used.

Yesterday was great. Ministered in two churches – 2 different teachings. And prophesied over both churches as well as some individuals in both services. So, in church from 10:00a to 5:30p as the two locations were simply minutes apart. Powerful day with the Holy Spirit touching many lives. The teachings were really appreciated and I received good feedback on both. The people here are so hungry for more and more of God. The second service would have gone on longer except there was a Mexican church that comes in after the Armenian service and so we had a deadline time-wise.

Last night after restaurant supper with the pastor and his wife and an elder and his wife we headed back to the pastor’s home for tea – and by midnight we had seen at least a dozen other people come to simply have tea and talk. I assured each one that there was not going to be any prophetic ministry and there wasn’t. I was simply wanting not to have to minister after such a powerful and long day. So, a late night as people did not leave until well into the night. But it was good and the people are always so gracious and appreciative.

I have two flights to get home. Burbank to Denver and then Denver to Regina. I have exactly 60 minutes between flights and it will be tight so I appreciate your prayers that everything goes well and connections are made. I am looking forward to being home for the night – Moose Jaw tomorrow and Oxbow on Wednesday… again, prayer appreciated.

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