My name is Ralph and I am a bookaholic.

 How do I know that? Because I have rooms full of books? Yes, that is true. I always have a book in my hand? Yes, also true. Because I collect books of all sorts, hardcovers, paperbacks, ebooks? Also true. I enjoy going to book stores and just looking, reading covers, enjoying the atmosphere? Very true. Because I read every time I sit down for a few minutes? Guilty as charged. You see, I read everything in front of me – even cereal boxes and catalogues.I admit it, I am a bookaholic.

Right now in my study, I have…

2 books that I must read and computerize notes from before May 15th

4 books that I am currently reading (not counting the above 2)

10 books piled behind the desk that are partly read because they were not ‘clicking’

31 books read since the start of the new year

75+ in piles purchased and not read yet…

The shelves are all full in the three rooms that I control … two of the three rooms are large. So, yes, I am a bookaholic. Even the front seat of my car holds books that I am currently reading – because there is often a few minutes before my appointment shows up, or a cancellation could happen (I get excited even typing that comment) … and then I have new found time to read.

Every once in a while I am drawn to a book and just know I am suppose to read that one. Obviously, because there are some books I started and didn’t finish yet, this ‘leading’ is not always a right one. I am currently just starting a book called “Present Over Perfect” by Shauna Niequist. I picked it out of the ‘to read’ pile and it caught my eye because the forward to the book was penned by Brene Brown who is one of my all-time favourite authors and whose books have changed my life. So, that is one of my two current new reads for the week beginning Sunday.

A past mentor of mine taught me that “Leaders are readers. And, if you stop reading you will stop leading.” He also taught me how to read a book a week (now two a week)… take the number of chapters in the book and divide them by 7 and then read that number of chapters every day. So if a book has 14 chapters you have 2 chapters a day to read to finish the book in a week. I’m now reading, on average, two a week using the same idea – more when travelling overseas as the fights offer a lot of free time to use in a constructive manner – and there is little that is more constructive than reading. And, it beats watching three or four movies per trip.

So, yes, I am a bookaholic. But, of all the things to be addicted to books rate high on the list.