Blessed Are the Flexible

It is Saturday and I am now on my second day in the City of Sochi. Of course, I don’t really see cities. For example, I flew in to Primorsko-Akhtarsk on Monday night in the dark, saw the airport, the parking lot and three hours of roads as we drove to a house in the country for the meetings I was attending. Then I drove 8 hours to the city of Sochi and by the time we arrived it was dark. Here I have seen the church building and the place that I am staying.

Once in a while the host pastor or leader asks if we would like to have a brief tour of the city or place where we are because of its historical significance. We usually say yes even though it makes for one more event on the schedule. I personally enjoy seeing some of the history that can date back, in Russia, to 600 A.D. But normally, I see the airports and the place where I minister.

In spite of it beng Saturday I am in services all day and evening. Here in this local church Sunday is Saturday. They celebrate with their pastor on Saturdays so that he can be free Sundays to visit his other churches in their union as he is the bishop. And, then they have Sundays as a family day. By tomorrow I begin my journey home and fly from Sochi to Moscow where I will spend the night and do another service for a church I ministered in during my visit in January.

Your prayers for these last two days of ministry and the beginning of the travel days would be greatly appreciated. Already I have had one change in scheduled flights which meant rearranging these last two days to make connections. The airline simply moved the time of my first flight and thus I would have missed all my connections… so we fly on Sunday to Moscow and do a service there where originally we would have flown on Monday to Moscow and onwards. Blessed are the flexible. Thanks for your prayers – they are greatly appreciated.

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