Blessed Are the Flexible

Last night did not turn out as planned. it was to be a night off. Instead we held a meeting for the elders in the first church I worked in when I arrived – the church in the city of Nagil. By 10:30 we were wrapping up. So much for a night to relax. The meeting was good however and much was accomplished.

This morning we drove from Nagil to Yekenterinburg – and took four hours to make the 90 minute trip. Traffic and road conditions. Then an hour to eat and the first service from 3:00to 5:00. A break and the second service from 7:00 to a little after 9:30p. Then some fellowship time with several people around the kitchen table.

Tomorrow (Wednesday here – after 11:00p there on Tuesday) I will be meeting for a second time with a pastor from this city. Two weeks ago he drove to Tagil and now we will meet here and continue our conversation. Then a service at 3:00 and straight through to 9:00p+ with a tea/coffee break… this with leaders and people here in this house church. I ministered here last year so this is my second visit in 7 months.

Hopefully early to bed as I have an early start for the airport – 3:30p Wednesday Central Canada time and 3:30a Thursday here Russian time. Long last day but I will be home hopefully by the end of it.

Please pray for our last day of services and my Russian team members who have been with me every day at every service ministering beside me. They have really grown and become very powerful prophetic ministers. Tomorrow I train a young man I ministered to the last time I am here and he was asking how he can grow in the prophetic – so I invited him to help. Picture above.

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