Biblical Signs of an Apostle – Part Four

Last time we looked at the “patience” of an apostle. This character trait or “sign” of an apostle can be seen in the man called to be apostolic right from the initial call through to the commissioning and release of his ministry as an apostle by the local church. Another sign of a genuine, true apostle is “perseverance”; perseverance to build for future generations still to come.

Once the apostle sees something, he is like a pit bull that seizes his target and does not let go until something happens. Apostles have the grace to hold on to a project or a vision until it is carried through to completion regardless of the length of time it takes or the cost to him personally. They see the future and persevere in what they see until it is completed.

The Bible states:And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.” Acts 2:42 Often we focus on the four daily activities of the early church; however, it also means that daily the apostles were there to teach and train – persevering and moving forward regardless of the obstacles and persecution.

You do not take new territory for the Lord or establish churches overnight. Often it takes many years to establish a healthy local church that is reproducing itself as it plants other churches in the area and even in other nations. So, an apostle, who is key to the beginning of any work for the Lord, will persevere, persist, and work hard so as to reach the goal the Lord has set for his ministry.

The apostle’s perseverance is so strong that if he is unable to reach his goals, he will train and equip (even mentor) others to accomplish it in the future. You will find that everything an apostle begins he finishes and does it well because God has given him the grace to persevere in everything He calls him to do and shows His support by giving him of His power and provision.

An apostle then is walking in the grace of his calling from the Lord and works with great patience and tremendous perseverance. Next time we will look at another “sign” of an apostle – the grace to suffer…

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