Bibles! Bibles! Everywhere!

My study is a large room with books on every shelf and every wall covered with shelves.  Hundreds and hundreds of books – all purchased in the last three years … older ones are stored in other rooms in the house again on shelves that cover many of the walls. Books are important to me as I love to read and to learn. I read widely – history, biographies, Bible, ministry – and read secular as well as sacred. I even enjoy a good detective novel once in a while. I am surrounded by books. My current books include a great one by a Christian who is a photographer and who ended up lost in the Amazon rain forest while on assignment and God’s work in his life during the ordeal.

However, my desk in the study is lined with Bibles. I just counted them – 40 bibles – different versions, study bibles, wide margin, no margin, research bibles, bibles with notes on apologetics, another with life notes, a special minister’s bible, an archaeological bible… The most important book in my life is the Bible. When I sit down in my study for daily devotions or to research and write a teaching – the Bible is the book on the desk. Early in the morning and late at night the Bible is open and being read, studied, prayed through, prayed about, with thoughts and insights recorded in hand-written journals. A bit old fashion but effective nonetheless. I even have a small one I carry when out walking my dog or sitting outside by the fire pit fighting with the mosquitoes as the sun sets and I am drinking an after supper cup of coffee during the summer.

I enjoy a good book and in spite of the thousands I own the Bible is still my favourite. It is a good book. It is Spirit-inspired, alive with the power of God, able to bring change to my inner person, gives me opportunity to hear God’s voice regularly, and even challenges me to stretch and to grow which is always good. It is alive and active and moving powerful. It changes lives and constantly changes mine. It always has something new to discover- a new truth to reveal, a new insight to life, a new understanding of what is happening in the world and why. The Bible is a powerful book that has survived 2,000+ years of opposition and many attempts to destroy it. It is God’s book and it is His gift to His people.

This summer – as short as they tend to be here in Saskatchewan – take some time each day, sit outside with that second cup of morning or evening coffee and read your Bible. In this simple act you will build and strengthen your inner person and come to know the heart and mind of God for you right where you live today.

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