Better to Give Than Receive

Do you really believe what Jesus said when He said it is more blessed to give than to receive? If you do believe it – then act like it!

One of the best ways to overcome your own feelings of doubt, lack of self-worth, or your inability to love yourself as you are is to stop dwelling on you and the pain within and reach out to ease someone else’s pain. Put your focus on someone else – which will mean consciously taking your attention off of yourself. After all, it is more blessed to give than to receive…

Last night on the news I heard of a grandfather in his late fifties who broke the record for traveling across Canada by bicycle and raised almost a million dollars for orphans in Africa. He was doing well just biking across the nation with an estimate of so much money being raised and then someone offered to almost double it if he broke the speed record for biking across the nation. In spite of his own pain and tiredness – and fear of not actually doing it – he took his focus off of himself and succeeded.

My advice to complaining believers and disciples who wine a lot – rise up and reach out. When you do that, you will discover that your own issues will begin to resolve themselves. In other words, if you can’t turn on the light of love within yourself – if you can’t resolve your own issues, be the solution for someone else. After all, it is better to give than to receive, right? If you don’t love yourself, then give yourself away. If you do that, you will be amazed at how valuable you feel and how insignificant the personal concerns you were struggling with become.

The key to a successful life is to keep striving, keep growing, keep giving all you have to give so that, in the end, you can look back and say, “I gave it my best shot.”

You already have all that it takes to be loving and valuable to others. If you will take your focus off of yourself and give – because it is more blessed to give than to receive – you will find that you will, in return, be loved and valued. Funny how it just works out that way!

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