Belarus – Next Mission Trip

I arrive home from the apostolic roundtable on Wednesday night and leave again on Friday – this time for the nation of Belarus. This is my first visit to this nation and it will be interesting to see what it is God will be doing during my visit there. I have wanted to visit this nation for over a decade and now the Lord has given to me the desire of my heart. I will be there by Saturday afternoon late and begin ministering Saturday night. I will return on the 12th of April arriving home mid-morning on the 13th. Inbetween – many, many meetings and opportunities to share God’s Word prophetically both in teachings to the assembled saints as well as in prophetic words over churches, leaders, and people.

We will have a few of our team members meet us in Minsk and help us to minister for the first week when we will be ministering to youth. Then several others will join with us for the second week when we will be ministering to leaders. In the first week there will be two people teaching – Miroslav and myself. In the second week there will be three teaching – Miroslav, Elena and myself. I am training Miroslav as an apostle and starting this year – this trip – he will begin to teach much more often as well as prophesy regularly and thus do a lot less interpreting. This way his giftings will grow more quickly and his calling will be released sooner. This is always the goal of an apostle when he is fathering someone … to release his sons to accomplish great things for God. And, there is enough work being offered to us that we should shortly be forming two teams to cover all the places inviting us to come and minister. Miroslav would be the trusted leader of the second team.

We have been developing the Russian side of our web presence over the past few months – quietly working on adding material, resources, free downloads. Last week, with the help of a computer person from Kirovograd, we now have several ways for people in Russian speaking nations (as well as nations speaking other languages) to donate money on line in their own currencies. These donations, – when and as they begin – although small due to the economy and unemployment, will allow those receiving ministry and training to actually give what they can towards what we do. We believe this move is of God and will not only help those receiving the ministry but also financially help the ministry as well.

As we continue to develop our overseas ministries we are going to have to expand the number of teams we have (as mentioned above) as well as either the number of trips I take per year or lengthen each trip I take to accomodate all the ministry opportunities that are opening up to this young ministry. God is truly fulfilling prophetic words we received over two years ago and opening many doors of opportunity for us to minister. And, we will certainly walk through as many of them as we can – only limited by financial ability and physical strength. The people are hungry in the former Soviet Union and are welcoming the ministry of an apostle. And I have the time because currently here in North America there are few doors opening for this ministry – but the prophetic words have told me that doors here in Canada and in the United States would be opening. I am believing that this will come to pass shortly as it would certainly help to finance these frequent trips to Eastern Europe.

Your prayers for this trip would be greatly appreciated as well as for all the changes we are making – major and minor changes – to allow this ministry to function more effectively for the Kingdom and the King.

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  1. Louise
    Louise says:

    my first try at this timed out when I sent it so here goes …
    I am so glad that you are helping Miroslav and Elana with their ministries so the work is multiplying.
    It is great that God is not impressed with rhumours but only the truth!!
    Love you, Louise


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